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Aalekh and Mami throw water on Chahat through pipe to break her fast but Neel comes there that moment and sees Mami so he screams at her for this act. He tells that Chahat’s fast will be broken by proving her innocence as he has found all the jeweleries. He shows them to everyone and tells that he found all this in a snake hole behind the temple. Chahat asks him how did it reach there but he says that she is innocent and that’s all matters. He says that praying to God with true devotion is important but suddenly he starts feeling dizzy and falls down. Chahat holds him and tries to wake him by rubbing his hands but sees snake bite in his hand.

Chahat asks him how did snake bite him, but he didn’t realize that he got bitten while taking out the jewels. He says that he will have no regrets if he dies today as he has proven her innocence and it will be proven that true love is important than religion. He falls unconscious and Vyas ji shouts and is about to get up but Aalekh stops him and brainwashes him to not uncover their act. Chahat requests Mami to give her a clothe but instead she pulls her away from Neel. Chahat shouts at her and says that she will save Neel even if no one helps her warns her against interfering. She tries her dupatta around his hand and drinks the poison from his hand.

Neel gains consciousness and Chahat hugs her but scolds him for risking his life. He says that he can die anytime for her and hugs her. Later, Vyas ji scolds Aalekh and Mami for their plot and says that if Chahat wouldn’t be here Neel would have died today. He says that he will not do this drama if it involves risking Neel’s life. He says that he doesn’t want to hurt Neel but Aalwk somehow manipulates him. Meanwhile Chahat chases Neel for giving him anti venom injection but he runs away from her saying that he is scared of injection.

They fall on bed while running and then Chahat asks him to look at her once. He looks and she expresses that she got too scared of losing him and she is so lucky to get him. But she keeps him involved in talks and gives injection as well. He feels good about himself and them offers his hand for giving injection but she says that she already gave him injection and he didn’t even realize. He jumps up but then Chahat says that she can’t live without him and he should know that she has no one except him in this world. He says that he can happily die for her if she is ever in danger. Mami comes and calls Neel inside so he goes, the doctor tells him that Vyas ji’s nerves have become weak.

Neel asks the doctor to help them so he suggests that they have to give him an injection which will cost around 15 lakhs for that. He says that if Vyas ji is not treated in 10 days then he will never be fine. Aalekh tells Vyas ji that this plan will work as Neel needs money and he doesn’t have a job so this will create rifts between him and Chahat. Chahat is filling water from the tap outside when Mami comes and thanks her for saving Neel.

Chahat is shocked at this but Mami says that she loves Neel though she gets angry at times. She tells Chahat that she doesn’t know all their rituals so Neel has to face all problems. Chahat asks her what does she not do so Mami tells her that Hindu girls put mangal sutra and sindoor for their husband’s safety. Mami tries to manipulate Chahat by saying that she can’t accept their rules which means Neel will always be in danger but she doesn’t force Chahat. She leaves while Chahat wonders whether all this really plays role in praying for Neel’s safety. She thinks that Neel has forbidden her to do anything that disobeys her religion and asks God to help her. She hears Golu crying and goes to her and roams around with her and stops her crying. Meanwhile Neel is forced to accept the job of waiter to somehow arrange money for Vyas ji while Chahat wears the mangal sutra. The episode ends.