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Aalekh is overjoyed by the news of domestic violence charges on Neel and thinks that Mami must have done it. In police station, Neel asks for proof about the charges, while Vyas ji comes with mama and Bhupendar and tells the inspector that he might be mistaken and Neel can’t do this.

 Meanwhile Mami and Aalekh celebrate and Aalekh praises her for all this but she says that she didn’t do anything. Aalekh says he didn’t do anything either which makes them wonder who would have done it. Aalekh says that he wouldn’t let Neel come out of the bars.

Chahat comes home and sees Mami doing some meditation which is her drama to not let Chahat know about Neel. In police station, inspector shows Vyas ji the video showing Chahat taking bhiksha in market which shocks everyone. He says that someone called them and told that Nele makes Chahat do this everyday which raises question in their minds. Neel remembers Chahat’s words when she said that she will avenge his torture.

Neel asks inspector to leave him and Vyas ji also requests him but he says if Chahat gives statement them only they can release Neel. That moment Aalekh comes and says that females in their family don’t come to police station.

He says that he has hired best lawyer for Neel but Vyas ji asks him to call Chahat immediately. Aalekh calls Mami and indirectly tells her to not let Chahat reach police station. Mami conspires to not let her know about all this.

Aalekh tells Vyas ji that Chahat is not at home which doesn’t surprise Neel much and he thinks she might be waiting for this chance only. Meanwhile Chahat, unaware of the situation, worries about the show and wonders where is Neel.

\She tries to call using landline but finds the phone dead. Vyas ji asks Bhupendar where Chahat could be but he says that he doesn’t know and can’t call her either as she doesn’t have a phone. Vyas ji is shocked and asks Neel why Chahat doesn’t have a phone.

Inspector says that if Chahat doesn’t have a phone which implies towards the charges more but Neel gets hyper and says that this is no reason for putting domestic violence charges. Vyas ji asks him why he didn’t give Chahat a phone while Aalekh tries to convince the inspector to leave him but he denies untill Chahat gives statement.

 Chahat wonders where Neel is and sees Neel’s phone and calls Bhupendar from it. Bhupendar picks it but Aalekh snatches it and cuts it smartly.

Chahat gets a video call and sees inspector ordering to put Neel behind the bars. Vyas ji stops him and says that he will have to arrest him before arresting Neel as he is responsible for all this. Chahat decides to go to police station.

Vyas ji requests inspector to arrest him and tries to make a false statement in front of inspector so that he arrests him. Neel hits the constable before he could touch Vyas ji which disappoints him. Neel gets hyper because of this situation while Aalekh tries to do drama and asks inspector to arrest him. Vyas ji says he won’t go untill Neel is proven innocent.

Naveli sees Chahat going to police station and thinks how to stop her from going to police station. Chahat reaches there and asks the inspector why he is arresting Neel. She denies the charges put on Neel.

 Inspector asks her to tell her name before marriage and Neel says Chahat Pant. He asks for her documents and she says her documents are lost. She gets hyper when she is asked for finger print but then agrees to give finger prints. She hesitates and looks at Neel and gives her prints. The episode ends.