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Aalekh counts his good deeds for this family and taunts that they sent him to prison in seconds. Mama ji says that he will kill him if he can as he murdered Saraswati. Aalekh asks for proof, Neel goes inside and brings a trishul in anger to klll Aalekh so he takes Kripa from Mami for his defense. Neel has to stop for Kripa, he asks him to give Kripa back but he says that if he can’t stay in this house then Kripa also go with him. He starts walking out with Kripa but Neel takes his collar to stop him but Aalekh says that Kripa will come with her. Vyas ji pleads to him for not taking Kripa away, he goes on his knees to request him and says that he can stay here but should not take away Kripa.

Neel tries to stop Vyas ji but he expresses his helplessness and says that he can’t live without Kripa. Aalekh says that he is feeling very happy seeing Vyas ji at his feet and agrees to live in this house. He puta a condition that Chahat should maintain distance with him always and goes in. Chahat tries to make Neel stop him but he says that he can’t let Kripa go with him. Aalekh welcomes himself to tease them and then goes to Naveli and says that she already knew the truth. Everyone is shocked to hear this and then Aalekh shows them a paper which proves that Naveli had did the recording in Saraswati’s voice to trap him.

Chahat sees the fear in Alka’s eyes and hugs her to comfort her. Aalekh goes to room and talks to Saraswati’s photo saying that he is not a small player and he will use Kripa as his biggest advantage. Mama ji slaps Naveli and says that she is a bigger criminal to support a criminal. Neel confronts Naveli and says that he was a good brother but she wanted to marry Saraswati’s killer and asks her to go out of his eyes before he hits her. Chahat stops him and says that Aalekh wants them to fight and become weak but they have to be together and think of a solution to deal with Aalekh.

Neel gets frustrated and says that he imprisoned her for Saraswati’s death but today they have to give shelter to the real killer. Naveli goes to Aalekh and pleads for forgiveness and says that she won’t repeat this mistake. Aalekh stands up and kicks her in anger, he goes close to her and says that he has lost everything due to her stupidity. He says that he will make her pay for all this so that no one dares to go against him. He throws her out of the room and locks the door. Meanwhile Neel is very angry that he has to be so helpless. Chahat goes and tries to reduce his anger but he says that he is bursting with anger and won’t be at peace till he doesn’t give justice to Saraswati.

Chahat says that he can do what he wants but then if he is jailed then she and Golu will be lonely. She tells him that Aalekh has legal rights on Kripa and they can’t deny that but they will figure out something without doing anything wrong. He says that when he gets a proof against Aalekh he is not going to spare him. Vyas ji and others see Kripa on floor and he asks Aalekh why he has done this. He asks Vyas ji to ask with respect else he will throw her in River. Vyas ji does as he says but Aalekh says that he will do whatever he wants with his daughter and asks them all to stay away from her. Alka takes Kripa from floor and says that she is handling her as she is going to become her mother in 6 months.

Aalekh commands that Kripa should not be seen near Vyas ji, later Alka helps Vyas ji to see Kripa from a distance. Vyas ji that thanks Alka and requests her to never let Kripa cry and gives her blessings. She goes to Chahat and asks her why she didn’t let her tell that she had asked her to do all this. Chahat says that it doesn’t matter and takes a promise that Alka will never let Vyas ji cry. Chahat sees Naveli writing something and going in hurry, she reads her letter which says that she is going to commit suicide. The episode ends.