Neel knocks at a door thinking DrBaig is inside but a lady opens the door. After knowing he is son of Mr. Vyas, she requests him to help her and her daughter and he assures to help her.Neel asks Kajriji about Chahat’s mom but she signals that it was misunderstanding and wonders what is the matter between them. Mrs. Baig sits in her room and thinks about getting plastic surgery. Chahat shouts and says that her dad is innocent and begs Neel to open the door. He opens the door and says the woman was someone else and warns her that he won’t spare her dad.

Chahat is about to close the door when Kajriji comes and asks her about her connection with Neel.Meanwhile Mrs. Baig talks on phone with doc and asks him to fix a date for her plastic surgery quickly. Chahat tells Kajriji about the misunderstanding that Neel and his family have about his sister’s death. Kajriji tells her about how her dad helped her during her delivery. Chahat feels happy hearing something good about her dad.

Akram calls Mrs. Baig and she Bursts out at him and asks him to give the injection to Dr. Baig.Kajriji tries to tell Chahat something when Neel comes out of his room and taunts her to do something productive. He asks her to give him his bag and Chahat brings his clothes as his bag is in her room.Later in evening Kajriji writes a letter to tell Chahat about her mom but then thinks not to use this way as someone else could read it. Mama hi reads some stuff about the bunglow in newspaper and thinks of scaring Mamiji. Mamiji gets scared and calls mama ji out of fear but he enjoys her condition.

At night Neel knocks at Chahat’s door and gets scared on seeing her thinking that she is a ghost.Chahat teases him but he denies being scared of ghost. Mama ji continues scaring his wife and meanwhile Chahat plays prank on Neel and he gets scared. He tries to hide his fear.Kajriji tries to give Chahat a map to her mom’s room but it falls inside some other room and she goes to make another one. Neel looks back in fear and sees no one and Chahat makes fun of him.

Neel denies being scared and says there is no such thing as ghost. Chahat says that she is not scared of ghost but people like him who are ready to go to any extent for punishing innocent people for revenge. He then goes back to his room but Chahat thinks of not letting him sleep peacefully.  Later while sleeping Neel notices that his blanket is being taken away repeatedly and no one is in the room. He then sees a thread attached to it and realizes Chahat is doing this.

He knocks on her door and scolds her for doing such pranks. He warns her that he knows her weakness very well and not to repeat such pranks again and goes to his room. Next morning before Pooja Vyajki asks Neel about Chahat. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up because she is reading namaz. Kajriji puts the map inside her room. Chahat picks up Neel’s call but everyone is shocked to see her get up. The episode ends.