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Mami sees her saree torn and freaks out, she tells Chahat that it was very expensive saree. Chahat apologizes saying that she didn’t know how to wash clothes. Mami asks Chahat to leave washing and go while Neel says that she shouldn’t have done this.

She asks him to shut up but Neel mocks her while Chahat lashes at him saying that she got the punishment because of him. Aalekh comes and sees them fighting and asks them to stop but Neel says that Chahat never accepts her mistake. Chahat then asks Aalekh whether it is wrong to worry for their loved ones so he says its not.
Chahat tells Neel that she cares for Naveli and doesn’t find her boyfriend right.

Aalekh is a bit shocked but Neel says that she should not talk without proof, so Chahat tells that she knows that Naveli must have gone to meet her boyfriend so she kept her phone in her bag with recorder on. They will find out soon who is her boyfriend while Aalekh recalls his talks with Naveli and fears that he will be exposed if that recording comes out and he would be behind the bars and Neel would kill him. Neel scolds Chahat for doing this but she says she just wants to do good for Naveli, while Aalekh thinks of alerting Naveli to delete the recording.

Chahat requests Aalekh to come along with her as Naveli has come home so she needs to prove that she is not wrong. Neel agrees and angrily says that if she is proven wrong then she won’t ever interfere in Naveli’s matters. They all go inside and Chahat looks for Naveli’s purse, much to her surprise. Chahat asks for her purse but she denies giving until she tells what she wants.

That moment mama and mami arrive, Naveli tells Mami that Chahat is troubling her but mama asks what happened. Chahat doesn’t want to let mama know about her boyfriend but Naveli tells him about Chahat’s allegations which shocks him. He asks Chahat about it but she explains that she is not trying to insult Naveli and she just wants her not to come in wrong company.

Chahat tells that she kept her phone in Naveli’s purse with recorder on which shocks her and Mami. Mami thinks that Naveli must have gone to meet Aalekh and they might be exposed and mama would throw them out.

Mami shouts at Chahat saying that they won’t listen to any recording and also scolds Neel for not stopping Chahat. Neel says that he trusts Naveli and Chahat would be proven wrong. Chahat says that truth will come out and takes out the phone from purse. Aalekh freezes out of fear as he confessed killing Saraswati.

Chahat plays the recording but Naveli us heard talking to her friend in it and not any man. Everyone looks at Chahat with disappointment while Naveli mocks Chahat for doubting her again when she was just meeting her old friend.

Mama gets enraged while Mami asks Chahat to stop all this and throws her phone in water. Neel says that she did wrong by doing all this when Mama ji asks her to stop crossing limits. Mama is heartbroken and asks Chahat to not speak any more, Mami says that she will tell Vyas ji everything but mama stops her.

Mama says that Naveli should not stay between people who doubt her so he will get her married soon. This shocks everyone and he says that there is a proposal for Naveli and he will call them in. Naveli tries to convince him for not getting her married but he says this is best for her. Aalekh tries to stop him saying that he shouldn’t take decision in hurry but he doesn’t listen.

Mami screams at Chahat and asks her to leave, Chahat wonders that recording could be there ahead. Neel takes the phone and says that he gave it for communication but she misused it. He keeps the phone inside a container and at a height and takes her in room.

He tells her that she is just imprisoned here and she doesn’t need to behave like a family member. She says that Naveli told her about the boyfriend while Naveli laughs out saying that she took help to change the recording. The episode ends.