Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2020 Written Update on Justshowbiz.net

Kajri ji comes on video call with Chahat and others with a candle lit. She tries to say that they should all ask princess Mohini to come in front of them. They all chatter this and after that something unusual happens and Chahat’s screen goes blank. After a moment Chahat comes online seeming to be possessed.

Some time ago… Mrs Baig sees Neel and runs away inside a room. Neel knocks her door and says that he can use his phone but she gets tensed. She then acts being on a call and thanks him for help and asks him to go. She then thinks of running away from the bunglow but someone knocks her door. It turns out to be Kajri ji and she thinks that Chahat went away with her mom and leaves. Neel goes and opens the door of others and goes to Chahat’s room. He confronts her about locking everyone in their rooms and planning to escape. She scolds him for crashing in without asking and he notices her hiding something behind and asks her to show him.

She shows him that it’s her bra and he looks away. She taunts him for that and he asks her why she locked his family members but she denies doing that. Her phone rings as Kajri ji calls her and Neel asks her the reason for it and asks to hear the conversation. She picks up and diverts things by saying that Kajri ji locked his family members. Neel also hears and sees her and asks her for explanation and then goes.
Chahat then talks to her and apologizes for all this and explains the reason by telling about a map they found. Chahat requests her to help her for stopping Neel’s family from going out and risking their lives.

Later they a come on video call and Kajri ji tries to tell all about a ghost Mohini whose spirit comes. Everyone gets scared and talk about calling the spirit but Neel shouts at them saying there are no ghosts. But his jeeju stops him and asks him to do the rituals. Then they all sit with candles and chant words.

Present time…. Chahat goes offline and when she comes online as a possessed girl. They all get scared seeing her and call her Chahat but she says in anger that she is princess Mohini. But it is all Chahat’s plan to scare them. Mami hi asks her about treasure but she lashes out and says that she knows everything about them to scare them. Hearing this Neel’s jeeju gets worried thinking that she might disclose the truth behind Saraswati’s death. Neel then asks the spirit to do something that ghosts do which she denies. Then he locks Chahat inside to prove that all this is a lie.

Then Kajri ji comes to his room and acts to be possessed and talks to him. He gets scared seeing all this and closes the door and hides inside. Mami hi calls mama ji and asks how she can make her heart clean. Later jeeju thinks about killing Chahat for hiding his truth. The episode ends.