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The episode starts with Dua saying to everyone that her brother isn’t a thief. They can check his room without any hesitation. Haider notices that Hafeez is looking nervous. Haider stops Dua and says that no one is going to check Hafeez’s room. Dua says that Hina accused Hafeez, so they had to check his room. He isn’t a thief. Haider says that he isn’t a thief. He can’t steal. Gazal says that she is a daughter-in-law of this house. But he allows them to check her room. Then why don’t Hafeez’s room. Hafeez holds Dua’s hand and nods negatively. Haider says that he didn’t steal it. Gazal asks him how he is sure about it? Haider says that he is a guest of this house, so they shouldn’t treat him like that. Gazal says that she is a daughter-in-law of this house. They didn’t show any concern about her. Haider says that he was a guest, so he can’t insult him like that. Gazal says that she is also a guest of this house, it seems. He married her for name’s sake. He can kick her out of this house whenever he wants. Her room was checked, so Hafeez’s room should be checked too.

Gazal says that he has to give her rights or else he might check Hafeez’s room. Haider says that he married her. What else does she need than this? She isn’t a guest of this house but his wife. Dua is hurt to hear it. Ruhan gets frustrated hearing it. Gazal feels happy to hear it. She thinks that it’s the right time to get her rights back. She asks him if she forced him to marry her? If she is his responsibility or wife? Haider says that she was his wife. Gazal demands him to withdraw his words that he regretted marrying her. Dua asks Haider why he is not allowing Gazal to check Hafeez’s room. Just end this topic by checking his room. Gazal asks her not to be scared. She was just asking him to clarify her relationship with him.

She asks Haider to say that he doesn’t regret marrying Gazal. Dua is about to stop her, because Hafeez stops her hand. Dua asks why he is stopping her often. If he stole the money? She thinks that he can’t do it. Gazal is pressuring Haider to say it. Haider asks her what for it. Gazal is forcing him. Haider withdrew his statement. He says that he didn’t make any mistake by marrying her. He has no problems with this relationship. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Gazal asks him to say that he loves her. He has to prove it. Ruhan asks why Gazal is forcing him to do it. If she loves Haider for real? She may fall in love with him. Dua asks her to stop it. We are here to find the money, not to prove her love. Hina says that it’s right. She asks Gazal to leave this matter. Once they find the money, let’s complain to the police station. Haider says that he didn’t steal anything. Hina says that she can’t allow a thief to stay in this house. She wants to see the police braking the thief’s hand. She asks everyone to search for the money. Haider says that he didn’t steal the money.

Hina asks him what he meant? Haider lies that he took that money. Gazal thinks that he was trapped by lying. Gazal asks him if he stole the money, then why did he frame her like that? Haider says that he forgot about it. He took that money with Dua and went to the washroom. It’s his money. He used that money for some necessary things. Dua thinks that he is aware that she used to keep the key under the pillow. Dua asks Hafeez if he stole the money? She thinks that Haider is doing it all to save her brother. Gazal says that Haider framed her as a thief. He insulted her, so he had to be punished for it. Gazal asks Dua not to come between a husband and wife. She was stuck between them like a fool. She asks him how she should punish him? Hina asks her how could she punish her son? If she has lost her senses? Haider asks her to let her do what she wants? He is ready to accept her punishment. She asks him to make them clear that she isn’t anyone’s sautan but his wife. Hasn’t he said to her that he didn’t regret marrying him? He has to say that he loved her.

Episode end

The episode starts with Dua explaining to the maid how to manage the house. Haider thinks that only Dua is able to manage this house well. Hina says to Dua that she was upset with her about many things but she had to appreciate her talent for managing the household chores. She cooked well. Because she deserves to do the household chores. She is good for nothing other than cooking or washing dirty clothes. Hina makes fun of Dua, which irks Haider and Dadi. Haider complained to Hina that she was wrong . She had to thank Dua for taking care of this house responsibilities instead of taking advantage of her rights.

One day she will regret her words. Haider says that Dua was capable of doing anything. Haider has only one showroom. Because of Dua’s help, he opened 11 showrooms. She is not only the best at cooking, but also the best designer. Because of her, many people eat food. Ladies like her designs. She shouldn’t look down on her talent. She was aware of her abilities. Because of her, his business is developing. Ravi says that one more happy news is there. Haider asks him what was that happy news? Ravi says that they are shortlisted for the bridal collection of this week. Everyone is happy to hear it.

Haider says to Dua that they achieved it. She says that we will win it. Haider says that she will do it. She says that we will win it together. Haider hugs her in happiness. Gazal gets frustrated to see it. She says to Dua that she was the reason for everything. What were others doing in the office? Why is he giving all the credit to her? Dua pushes him away and asks him how dare he to touch her? Dadi asks her to forgive him. He hugged her in happiness. He could consider him as her business partner. Dua glares at him.

Gulnaaz takes the evil eyes from Dua and Haider and gives them to Gazal. Gazal asks her why she is giving this money to her? Dua asks her to shut up. Dua says that she can do all this for her mother-in-law. She is prefect to her. Dua argues with her. Haider says that they are ruining a good day of his life. He got a short list for the bridal fashion week. He has to celebrate it. Hina says that he was the pillar of this house. Ruhan thinks that Dua is creating problems with Hina also.

Ravi asks them not to create any problems. He says to Haider that we have to pay a 5 lakh deposit for this. Haider asks Dua to give that money to him. Dua leaves from there to bring the money. Gazal thinks that the real game is going to begin now. Ruhan is scared of getting caught. Dua comes there and informs Haider that money is missing in the locker. 7 lakhs is missing in her locker. Gazal says to Hina that they stole the money from her. We have to inform the police about it. If a thief breaks the locker? Dua says that the key is in her hand.

Gazal says that it seems Dua stolen the money from it. Hafeez asks her how dare she to blame Dua as a thief? Ravi scolds her too. Hina asks her how he dared to scold her daughter-in-law? What has she said wrong? Gazal says that the key is in her hand and no one will come from outside to take that money. Dua stole it. She threatens her to call the police there. Haider asks her how she dared to accuse Dua of it? She is blaming his trust. He can’t accept it when someone raises their voice on his Dua. Gazal says that one day his trust in her will disappear.

Gazal says that Dua stole this money. She is aware that she can’t survive in this house any more days. That is why she wants to leave here with this money. Haider says that he will raise his hand on her if she dares to raise her voice against her. Haider says that he will prove to her that Dua is innocent. He drags Gazal from there forcefully. He opens the almira and shows everyone’s jewels kept safe inside it. He says that these jewels are in Dua’s hands. She is keeping it safe. It will cost crores. She even has FD and many more documents. He shows extra money to her and says that Dua has crores in her hand. She has rights in all this. No one is able to question her. Then why should she steal these 7 lakhs? Gazal thinks that she can frame her as a thief and creates a misunderstanding between Haider and her. But Haider is supporting her like that.

Episode ends.