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In today’s episode, Haider asks Ruhan if he has anything else to say. He asks what happened to Ruhaan all of a sudden. Ruhan questions Haider for taking stand for Dua again. He claims that Haider punished Mumtaz to safeguard Dua only. Noor tries to calm them. They go to hit each other. Rahat interferes. Noor defends Ruhaan. Haider warns Noor to not say anything. Ruhan toungelashes Dua. Haider slaps him. He then regrets and admits his mistake. Ruhan pushes him and leaves from there.

Haider tries to stop Ruhaan but in vain. Qainat meets Dua. She hugs Dua and cries for losing Mumtaz today. Haider comes there. Dua notices wounds in his hand and gives him first aid. Haider calls himself bad. He says that he is not able to tolorate the fact that Ruhan is going away from him. Dua comforts him. He asks Dua to not go against Gazal. He asks Dua to save the family. Haider says that he will be dying if Ruhaan goes away from him. He requests Dua to not oppose Gazal. Dua hugs Haider.

Dua plans to fix everything. She goes outside of their room. Gazal makes Hina walk inside the house by giving her support. Dua comes there. Dua asks Gazal to stop. Hina asks her what happened again. Dua asks Hina to get ready for running. Everyone gets clueless and questions Dua. Dua says as Dadi wants Gazal to become Ruhan’s bride she has no problem with the marriage. Hina gets shocked. Dua cries and says that she did wrong with Gazal. According to her, she feared losing her position to Gazal. Dua says that she has realised her mistakes now.

Gulnaaz gets clueless. Hina says that she doesn’t want anything else from Dua as she is happy. Hina says that she was not in peace since days. She calls Dua her friend again. She hugs Dua and kisses her forehead. Gulnaaz looks stunned. Rahat thanks God. Dua says that she can do anything for the happiness of her family. Haider thanks Dua for listening to his request. Dua goes to Gazal. She asks her to get ready to follow her orders post marriage. She hugs Gazal. She tells her that she won’t sit quietly until Ruhan and Gazal get married.

She calls her devrani. Dua approaches Ruhan. She holds his hand. She admits her mistakes and requests Ruhaan to forgive her. Gulnaaz tells Gazal that Dua is simply lying. Ruhan asks Dua to forgive him as he used many harsh words against her. Dua asks him to forget all these. She asks Ruhaan to be happy and get ready for his marriage. She asks Gulnaaz if she is right. She says that she did wrong with Gulnaaz too and asks her for forgiveness. Gulnaaz acts nice. Dua promises Gulnaaz to make Gazal her daughter in law and Ruhan’s wife. Gazal wonders what this Dua is planning in her mind. Dua hugs Gulnaaz. She says that Ruhan has made Haider upset so he has to pay the price. She says that soon Ruhaan and Gazal will get married and after that Ruhan will become Gazal’s pet. The episode ends.