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The episode starts with Hameeda saying to everyone that mehandi desinger came but bride didn’t came yet. Hina says that she is coming. Subhan admires her. Hina praised her beauty and hugged her. Subhan prays for Mannat. Hina asks Mannat to sit on the stage. Armaan thinks that Subhan shouldn’t dream a lot. He is going to ruin all his dreams. Hameeda teases Subhan for not taking away his eyes from Mannat. She says that he will get drishti. Hameeda asks them to start the mehandi. Dua says that Mannat happiness and life is important her. She likes to see Dua applies Mehandi to her first. Kaynaat thinks that she will ruin her son happiness. She won’t allow this unlucky to apply mehandi on Mannat’s hand. Hafeez stops her and says that he don’t want to see any scene here. Hameeda asks Ibadat to pray for Mannat and apply the mehandi on her hand. Mannat thinks that she is a bad luck to her. Ibadat prays for her. Ibadat stares at Subhan and thinks that Mannat is a lucky person. She got a best partner in the world. Ibadat dreams like Subhan writing his name on her hand and kissed her. She asks him what have he done? He says that this is what her heart saying.

Dua notices that Ibadat staring at Subhan. Dua thinks that Ibadat denied it many times. But she is thinking that Ibadat is loving Subhan not Mannat. Dua takes Ibadat from there. Ibadat asks her what’s the matter? Dua says that she has to ask her about this. She was fed up by asking her about it. She is asking her for the last time. If she loving Subhan or not? Ibadat denied it. Dua says that she was fed by hearing her lies. She used to divert her by saying that Subhan loving Mannat. Dua says that she can understand her. She wasn’t happy with this wedding. She used to sacrifice everything to her. But she stops her from getting a necklace. She used to give importance to Mannat’s happiness first. What happened to her now? What’s going on in her mind? Ibadat says that Haider’s emotions are connected to it. Dua says that if it’s the matter then she has to say it by placing her hand on her head. She doesn’t love Subhan. Ibadat says that she don’t have any feelings on him. He is her friend.

Dua says that she is lying. Her eyes are revealing the truth to her. She is ruining three people life. Dua folds her hands in front of her. She requested her to reveal her whether she loves Subhan or not? She is about to say something. Hameeda asks them what are they doing there? Function is going on there. They are wasting their time here. Dua says to Ibadat that she wouldn’t have asked her about it often if it wasn’t related to three life. Ibadat thinks that she can’t reveal the truth to her. She is loving Subhan. But it’s not the matter here. Something else is bothering her. Kaynaat listens to their conversation. She thinks that not only Kaynaat but also Dua doubting her. Ibadat loving Subhan. She has to finish Mannat and Subhan wedding asap. Mannat already went behind Farhaan though she forgave her. She won’t allow this Ibadat to marry Subhan at any cost. Mannat signals at Nigar. She recalls the way she informed Nigar that only she can successfully complete their task. She has to convince Ibadat to apply mehandi on her hand. Nigar is convincing Ibadat to apply mehandi on her hand.

Nigar asks the mehandi designer to apply mehandi on Ibadat’s hand. Nigar signals to her. Mannat says that she can offer money to her to write Subhan name on her hand. She offered the money to the designer. She shares the plan with her. Ibadat is lost in her thoughts. Mannat thinks that their plan will be flop if she notice her mehandi. Gulnaaz diverted her. Kaynaat says to Hina that she has to talk with her something important. Ibadat notices the design in her hand.

Episode end