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The episode starts with Gazal forcing Haider to say that he loves her. He doesn’t regret marrying her. She is God’s blessing. Haider recalls his moments with Dua. He notices Hafeez there and thinks that he has to do it to save him. Haider says that he loves her and she is God’s blessing to him. Dua is hurt to hear it. Gazal hugs him in front of everyone, making everyone shocked. Ruhan gets angry when seeing it. Dua recalls her past with Haider. Haider stares at Dua and gets emotional. Gazal is happy and kisses him in front of everyone to make Dua jealous. Ruhan fists his hand in anger. Gazal thinks that this is the right time to make Dua cry. She pretends like she was shy and she shouldn’t have done it in front of everyone. She regrets doing it and seeing Ruhan there. She thinks that she forgot about him in her love for Haider. He will ruin all her plans. Gulnaaz says that no one will behave like Gazal. She acts well. Gazal gets close to him in front of everyone and pretends to be shy there. Haider walks away from there.

Hina gets breathing trouble. She searches for medicine. She calls Gazal for help. Gulnaaz rushes to there and helps her search for the healer. She asks her who kept this healer in the almira? She says that she feels better now. Gulnaaz asks her to take a rest. She will call the doctor. She isn’t looking well. Hina says that she feels better if she takes a rest. Gulnaaz says that she doesn’t have breathing trouble often. Gulnaaz says that they have so many problems with each other. But she can’t see her in such a state. She says that she has to be healthy. Hina says to Gulnaaz that she can’t see the scenes happening in their family daily. Gulnaaz says that it’s common in every family. She adds that Dua was with her before. Dua used to take care of her and give her medicine on time. She takes her to the doctor often. But she isn’t talking with her now. Hina fell sick after that.

Hina recalls the past with Dua. Gulnaaz says that Haider is also going far from her. Hina asks her if she is consoling her. She was rubbing salt on her wounds. Gulnaaz says that she shouldn’t take her words wrongly. She used to give trouble to Hina before. Dua was always with her. She shouldn’t have taken her wrong, but it’s a fact. She was creating hate for Dua in her heart. Gulnaaz tries to convince her. Hina asks her to leave. Dua may have sent her here to manipulate her. She is aware of her character. She is a betrayer. She knows everyone’s character here. Gulnaaz says that she has lost her senses. She called for help. She shouted Gazal’s name. She came to help her. She doesn’t want to go between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Hina says that she is supporting her. Gulnaaz says that one day Hina will understand Gazal’s cunning mind one day. She won’t come to help her on time. She will regret it one day. Hina says that she has breathing problems, not blind. Both are arguing with each other.

Dua slaps Hafeez for stealing the money. If he needs anything, he can ask her, right? Hafeez says that he didn’t steal anything. How could she suspect mom’s upbringing? He didn’t steal anything. If he didn’t steal, why would he bend his head down? Haider lies to everyone to stop searching for his room. Hafeez says that he has some other reason for it. He shows the ring to her and says that he brought this ring for Kaynaat. He brought it with his own money. She asked him to take care of her well. Dua apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. She shouldn’t have suspected him. Hafeez says that he can do anything for Kaynaat. Haider asks Hafeez if he loves Kaynaat?

Episode end