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The episode starts with Dadi asking Haider to talk with her. Haider tells her that he doesn’t want to talk with her anything about Dua. He hates her to the core. He hates her and does not even wish to hear her name. Dadi says to him that he can make everyone fool, not her. She asks him to stop pretending to hate Dua. He is crying for Dua. Haider denied it. Dadi says that he can lie to her, but not with his eyes. He thinks that Dua will hate him if he shows his fake anger at her. Haider wants her to see her in happiness. He does not understand that Haider is her happiness. He can’t fool himself like this either. He has no life without her. He is loving her blindly. He went extremely today to create hate in her heart. He shouldn’t have pointed a gun at her. He is wasting his life. Haider says that he is fed up. He is tired of it. He can’t talk with her. He has a lot of pending work. He doesn’t know whether to live or not. He asks her to leave from there. He thinks that he can’t show his weak side to her. He loves Dua a lot. She wants to lead a happy life. She has to move on in her life. She is a fool. That is why she isn’t forgetting him. Meanwhile, Gazal asks Hina to dance with her in happiness.

Hina scolds her for celebrating when her daughter’s life is a mess. She is pregnant but she is dancing here. Gazal thinks that she is ruining her happiness. She will kill her if she does like that. She thinks that she can’t hate her in this situation. She pretends to apologise to Hina. She tells her that she can’t control her happiness seeing Haider’s hate for Dua. She is out of control. Hina asks her to stop this drama. Dua had just left this house. She had to divorce Haider. She can dance on that day. Kaynaat is pregnant now. She doesn’t know what to do now? Gazal says let’s take her to the hospital. We can abort her child. It won’t affect their family reputation. Hafeez’s baby won’t come out of this work. Ravi hears it and thinks that they are trying to kill a fetus which didn’t come to this world. It’s wrong. He thought that Dua was able to stop it. Gulnaaz attacks him from behind. Dua asks Ravi what happened there? He isn’t responding to her. Hina and Gazal are shocked to see Ravi on the floor. Gulnaaz says that Ravi is eating their food but he is giving the information to Dua.

Hina says that she suspected him . He is giving the information to Dua. Gazal kicks him a lot while scolding him. Hina is also scolding him. Dua thinks that he disconnected the call out of the blue. She fears something will happen to him. Gazal says that Haider always scolded her for him. She won’t leave him for it. Gulnaaz asks her to let her beat him too. She is also angry with him for trying to inform Dua that Kaynaat is pregnant. Hina asks her to shut up. Gazal says that we have to kill him or else he will inform everyone about Kaynaat’s pregnancy. Hina asks her not to talk about murder. She asks her to think about everything in a chilled mind. Ravi thinks that he has to inform Dua about everything. Gazal manipulates Hina to kill Ravi, reasoning he will expose them. Ravi thinks that she is a monster. Dua is right about her. Gazal explains to her how to kill him. Hina asks her not to talk like that. Gazal says that they tried a lot to cut Dua’s relationship with this house. If they don’t stop him, then Dua will create another relationship with this family.

Gazal is trying to manipulate Hina. Hina says that she is talking nonsense. She just wanted to stop him from revealing the truth to Dua. Gazal is planning to kill Ravi. She says that she doesn’t care about anyone after her abortion. No one will marry her if the truth comes out. Dua calls him again. Ravi snatches the phone and tries to talk with her. They snatched the phone from him and closed his mouth. Dua thinks that she has to reach Ravi at any cost. Ruhan vented out his anger on the punching bag. Ruhan apologized to Dua for not supporting her. Dua tells him that she can understand that he was forced to do it. Gulnaaz did it to him. Dua asks him to check on Ravi. She couldn’t contact him. She reveals to him that Ravi was helping her to keep an eye on Gazal. He hadn’t met with an accident. She says that he may be in danger. Ruhan says that she is worried about everyone but they don’t care about her. Ruhan assures her to help her. Ravi tries to alert Ruhan.

Episode end