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In today’s episode, Dua asks Gazal to say no for the marriage otherwise she has to stay with Ruhan for whole life. Gazal feels Dua is desperate to stop her and Ruhan’s marriage. She plans to stay silent. She thanks Dua for the advice and says that her wish will get fulfilled. She says even if she marries Ruhan she will still destroy Akhtar family and live with Haider. Dua tells her that she will never let the marriage happen. Dua leaves. Gazal prays for Dua’s success in stopping the marriage.

Dua unlocks Ruhan’s room, wakes him up and asks him to leave. Haider gets ready. He notices that the key is missing. He understands that Dua has stolen the key. Ruhan asks Dua to leave. He toungelashes Haider and Gazal. He says that he won’t spare Haider. Dua slaps him. She asks Ruhan to listen to her for the sake of their friendship once. She says that Gazal is waiting downstairs for the marriage, she tried hard to stop the marriage but failed. She asks Ruhan to run away from there.

Haider heads towards Ruhan’s room. Ruhan says that he is not a coward to run away. He wishes to inform Haider’s truth to everyone in order to stop the marriage. Dua says that Haider is not wrong. She says that Gazal has manipulated Ruhan. Haider collides with Qainat and Ravi. Hina approaches Gazal. Ruhan goes to say something. Dua asks him to keep quiet. She says that none will listen to Ruhan’s story and he will be forced to marry Gazal. Dua says that if Ruhan leaves she will get some times to expose Gazal.

She asks Ruhan to leave before Haider comes. She says that she is Ruhan’s sister won’t want his misery. Qainat feels dizzy. Haider gets worried. She asks Haider to drop her at her room. Haider asks her to take rest there only. Qainat signals something to Ravi. Haider sees it and questions Qainat. He asks her if she is helping Dua. Qainat says no. Haider asks her why she wants to stop him. Haider tries to leave. Gazal sees everything and gets worried. Gulnaaz fears thinking about Ruhan and Gazal’s marriage.

Ruhan says that Dua will have to face humiliation. Dua says that she doesn’t care about herself as she wants to save Ruhan. She says that she wants to stop the marriage anyhow. Ruhan gets convinced and gears up to leave. Haider comes there. He sees that Ruhan is not there in his room. Dua hides behind a door. She hopes that Haider will forgive her. A person calls Gazal and informs her that Ruhan is running away from the marriage.

Gazal becomes happy. She congratulates him. He says that he is coming to meet Gazal. Hina asks Gazal whom she is talking to. Gazal replies Ruhan. Hina wonders why Ruhan has not yet come downstairs for the marriage. The person who is helping Gazal kidnaps Ruhan. Haider and Dua come face to face. The episode ends.