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The episode starts with Haider saying to Hina that he want to ask her something. If she fall down mistakenly or someone pushed her? He asks her to remember it. It’s very important. Hina recalls that incident and says that she didn’t forget that incident. She can’t forget that incident. Hina glares at Gazal. Gazal thinks that her game is over. If she reveals the truth then no one is able to save her. Akhthar’s family members are asking her what happened to her? Hina lashes out at Gazal. She is about to beat her with a broom. Gazal mentions her as mom. Hina stops hearing it. Dua asks her why she stopped? What Gazal done to her? She asks her to reveal it to everyone. Hina forgets that incident and ask Gazal what happened to her? Whom beaten her like this? Gazal cried and blamed Dua for it. She says that they are beating her. Hina asks them what’s going on here. How could they allow Dua to beat Gazal. Dua says that she is intentionally creating a scene. Hina pushes her away. Hina asks her if she has a heart or not? She beaten Gazal without mercy. Hina disappointed with Haider. She complaints to everyone that they didn’t stopped Dua. Hina hugs Gazal. She assures her that she is with her.

Haider says to Dua that Hina again forget that incident. We lost a chance to prove Gazal’s crime. Gazal says to Hina that Dua beaten her a lot. She will kill her. She says that she will die. Hina says that won’t allow it to happen. Hina says to Haider that Dua beaten Gazal with a broom but he didn’t said anything to her. Gulnaaz thinks that she is forgetting everything often. Haider asks Hina not to worry. He pretends like scolding Dua. She shouldn’t had raised her hand on Gazal. He knew well that Gazal is a cunning person but she is Hina’s favourite. He knew well Gazal is a betrayer and a fool. But Hina likes her. Hina says that he understands her. Hina asks him to send Dua out of this house then everything will be alright. Dua apologizes to Hina. Hina says that she is apologizing to her. She is planning something behind her. It’s a new plan of her. Haider says that we have to continue this few minutes. Dua says to Haider that she apologized because she won’t raise her hand on Gazal. But she will kill her. Hina says that it’s her true face.

Haider asks Dua how could she raise her hand on his wife. He asks her to leave. Dua pretends to leave. Hina says to Gazal that she left. Gazal thinks that she has to use Hina for few days. Meanwhile, Rahat says to everyone that Hina forgot that incident again. Dua says that Hina is getting better. When we saw Gazal she was on the floor. It seems Hina beaten her. She was about to say the truth. She slips into her past out of the blue. It seems she is getting past memories. We have to bring back her memories back. Then Gazal is not able to escape from them. Kaynaat says that her mind is not stable. Ruhan asks Dua how will they bring back her memory? Dua says that we have to plan something to bring back her memories without hurting Hina. Meanwhile, Hina applies ointment to Gazal’s hand. She says that Dua beaten her a lot. Haider comes there and raise his hand on Gazal. He says to Hina that Dua did wrong today. She shouldn’t has raised her hand on his lovely wife. He makes faces while saying it. He press her hand tighter and says that she got wound. She has to apply hot haldi on it. Haider asks Hina’s permission to take Gazal alone. Hina says that he don’t need permission for it.

Gazal says to Hina that she is alright. She wants to stay with her. Gazal thinks that Haider will kill her. Hina says to Gazal that he has two wives. He won’t go to another wife easily. She has to use this situation favour to her. Haider takes Gazal from there. He pushes her down. She asks him not to beat her. Haider says that he isn’t old Haider anymore. He says he is aware that Gazal was the reason for his mom’s state. He warns her that he won’t leave her alive once his mom’s memories comes back. He will cut her hairs. Noor takes him from there. Gazal thinks that he forgot that she is Gazal. She noticed that everyone is in Dadi’s room. Dua informs the doctor about Hina’s condition. The doctor asks them to make Hina happy always. She will be alright. When was she most happy? Dua and Haider mentioned their wedding day.

Episode end