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The episode starts with Gazal threatening to kill Dua’s baby. She takes a knife in her hand to stab her. Dua shouts Haider’s name in fear. Gazal says that she is scared. She won’t kill her easily. Her baby will take revenge on Dua. Gazal says that her badi ammi killed her mom. She might kill Dua. Gazal says that she don’t need anything from this house. But her baby needs everything in this house. Haider may hates her. Haider loves her baby. Dua says that it won’t happen. Hina says that it will happen. Hameeda says that once Haider confirmed that Gazal is carrying his baby then he will accept this baby. This baby’s shadow will affect Dua and Haider’s relationship. Hina says that she won’t allow this to happen. She curses her baby. Hameeda and Gulnaaz takes Gazal from there. Dua feels breathing problem. Hina helps her. Gazal says to Hameeda that they wanted to send her to the jail. But this world will mock at them for allowed her to give birth to his baby in the jail. Gazal asks Haider to save her. She pleads with him to meet her in the jail. If her baby born in the jail then she will lose her family. Gazal fears that her whole life she will waste inside the jail.

Dua asks the Inspector to leave her.
She won’t go anywhere. The inspector says that there is a complaint against Gazal. They can’t play with the police. Dua says that she will withdraw the case on her. Haider says that she ruined their life. She shouldn’t support her. Dua says that he shouldn’t punish that baby for Gazal’s mistake. We can’t face the God after it. Haider says that he doesn’t care about anything. He won’t leave her. Dua asks him to listen to her. Haider says that he won’t listen to her words. Gulnaaz says that Gazal is taking advantage of her innocence. Haider asks the inspector to take Gazal from there. Dua says that whether Gazal carrying his baby or someones. It’s a baby. That baby didn’t come to this world yet. He shouldn’t punish that baby. Dua says that she never cursed anyone yet. She wants to see Gazal dying for whatever she done to our family. Dua says that this baby shouldn’t born inside the jail. We can’t answer to the God.

Hameeda says to Dua that she is supporting a monster. She is taking a wrong decision. Kaynaat asks Gazal to leave. She says that she is carrying a dirty blood and claiming their family heir. Hina says to Haider that he shouldn’t fall for Dua’s words. She took the foolish decision. Gazal will ruin their life. Ruhan asks the inspector to arrest Gazal. Rahat supports his wife. Haider says to Dua that she is right. We shouldn’t get Gazal arrest. We shouldn’t punish that baby for her deeds. Hina says that he took the wrong decision. Haider asks the inspector to release Gazal. The inspector says that they are playing with them. They can’t arrest and leave her whenever they want. They can charge on them. Dua asks her to do it. This baby is important. Gazal thinks that it’s her foolish decision. She is going to ruin her life.

Dua slaps Gazal and says that this is the punishment for playing with this innocent baby’s life. She asks Haider to take the fertility test to Gazal. We can find out who is the father of this baby. Gazal denies it. She threatens to cut her hand. She laughs and says that she is ready to take that test. The results will be she is carrying Haider’s baby. She will get her rights. Dua asks her not to dream about it. Everyone worries about the results. Gazal assures Eihchaaz that result comes in favour of her.

Episode end