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The episode starts with Gulnaaz pretending to scold Nigar for confusing Mannat. She complaints that Mannat had breakup. They are not understanding her pain and busy in fixing her wedding with Subhan. She is also congratulating her without noticing her pain. Gulnaaz says that Mannat is a innocent person. She fell into his trap it’s not her mistake. They might give time to her to come out of this pain. They shouldn’t force her to marry Subhan. Mannat gets emotional hearing it. Gulnaaz says that it’s hard to forget their first love. Nigar says that Farhaan is a bad person. Gulnaaz says that she can understand that. But Mannat isn’t aware of it. If Mannat knows about his intentions then she wouldn’t have allowed him to come near her. She isn’t wrong here. She can understand that Subhan is a good person. But they shouldn’t force her to marry him. She doesn’t know why is Ibadat trying to fix Mannat’s wedding with Subhan. What will she get from this. It seems she will get something from this. Mannat asks them to stop it. She takes the flower vase and breaks it in anger. She demands them to leave from there. Gulnaaz and Nigar gives a hifi. She calls Armaan.

Mannat thinks why is Ibadat trying to fix her wedding with Subhan. She don’t love him at all. Meanwhile, Armaan attends the call. Armaan informs her that he came out. Gulnaaz complaints that they will accompany him to the road. He asks her what’s she meant? Gulnaaz says that Subhan is adamant to marry Mannat. If he married her then this house belongs to them. We have to go out of this house. Armaan says that she don’t need to worry about it. He already planned something else. He notices Farhaan. He breaks his head with a bottle. He says to him that it will help them in their plan. Later, Mannat is thinking about the incident. She thinks why did Farhaan betrayed her. She gets emotional. Hameeda comes there. She asks her to leave her alone. Hameeda denied it. He says that she can understand her pain. She regretted her mistake. Mannat hugs her.

Hameeda says that she did a mistake not a sin. She realised it that’s enough. Mannat apologizing to her for ruined everything. Hameeda says that nothing is over yet. She is a lucky person that is why she got a sister like Ibadat and husband like Subhan. Mannat gets disappointed. Hameeda says that Ibadat tried a lot to convince Subhan. Farhaan took advantage of her. Subhan wanted to save her reputation by giving a new life to her. Mannat says that she can’t marry him. She isn’t loving him. Hameeda says that first love won’t last long. The love after marriage stays long. In their time, they used to marry first and falls in love with their husband slowly. It’s an understanding bond. It will give lots of happiness. She advises her not to waste her life thinking about Farhaan. He isn’t worry for her. He is not only ruined her life but also ruin this family. She adds that Subhan isn’t forcing her to marry him. He is giving a last chance to her. If she fails to accept him then she can’t get him again. She advised her not to waste Ibadat’s effort. Mannat thinks that Ibadat pushed her in this situation.

Ibadat thinks that she got mom’s love. If Subhan married to Mannat then her life will be settled down. She has to help her mom in the business. Kaynaat complaints that she ruined her son’s life. She raised her hand to slap her. Ibadat stops her and says that she won’t allow her to slap her when she wasn’t wrong. Kaynaat lashes out at her for confused Subhan. She made him against his mom. She insulted her. Subhan comes there and argued with her. She asks him to stay away from this sister’s. She can’t allow him to marry Mannat. Subhan consoles Ibadat. She assures him that Mannat will accept his love. Her dhuppatta sticks on his watch. He helps her to remove it.

Episode end