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The episode starts with Dua asking Haider where he is going in the morning. He tells her that he has some important work to do. Dua asks him if he is angry with her about what happened yesterday? Haider tells her that he isn’t angry on her. He came clean. That’s enough. Dua says that she isn’t clean by her side. He had to listen to her side too. Haider says that once a heart is broken it’s broken. It’s her house. He has no right to this. He used to say that nothing belongs to a single person. It’s everyone’s house. She shouldn’t have made fun of them by transferring the house to her name. Dua asks him if she is making fun of him? She saved the house from Gazal. Didn’t he see what Gazal did yesterday? Haider said that he saved the house already by tearing those documents. But what has she done? She transferred the house to her name. She is no different from Gazal. She did exactly what Gazal did to him. Dua says that she saved this house from Gazal. How could he compare her with that Gazal? Haider says that he isn’t saying both are the same. But she isn’t old, Dua either.

Haider places Dua’s hand on his chest and says that his heart is beating faster. It’s crying in pain. She snatched the happiness of this house by transferring the house to her name. If everything went wrong here, then she is the responsibility for it. Haider leaves from there without giving heed to her words. Dua recalls her moments with Haider. She thinks that she doesn’t have any other option in her hand. That is why she did that. Gulnaaz stops Haider. He mistakenly mentions her as mom. She says to him that whatever happens, the relationship between us won’t change. She finds her hands in front of him and says that her children have no place to go. She has nothing in her hand. Haider says that nothing went well yesterday. Gulnaaz says that it’s not late yet. We can stop the registration at least. Ravi informed him that registration was over. Gulnaaz was shocked to hear that. She curses Dua for snatching her children’s rights.

Dua comes there and consoles her. Gulnaaz pushed her away. She says that she was the one beating her and pretends to console her. She says that God won’t forgive her for snatching her children’s rights. She creates a scene there. Dua asks her to calm down. She misunderstood her. Gulnaaz says that she understood her well. She didn’t listen to Hina while supporting Dua. She did everything for her. She used to complain that Gazal was the one who was trying to ruin this house. But she is also doing the same. She betrayed her. She curses them for snatching her rights. Dua thinks that she isn’t understanding anything. Gazal thinks that she has turned against Dua. Gulnaaz asks Dua to stay at her limit or else she will slap her. It’s the right time to brainwash her. Gazal asks her to calm down. Gulnaaz pushed her away.

Gulnaaz says that she shouldn’t act in front of her. She is using the situation to favour her. Dua is a betrayer and Gazal is a cunning person. She asks Gazal to leave it else she will push her down from the terrace. Hina asks her to mind her words. Gulnaaz says that she has no issues. Dua is her daughter-in-law, so this house belongs to Haider and Hina too. Ruhan mentioned her as a mom. She shouldn’t have betrayed her like that. Dadi asks Gulnaaz to come back to her senses. Dua won’t snatch her rights from her. Gulnaaz asks her to open her eyes and see her true color. Gazal and Dua have the same mentality. Ruhan says that he is alive. She doesn’t need anyone’s help to take care of her. Ruhan says to Haider that he forgot everything in his love for Dua. Noor says that she loves Haider more than her brother and Hina than Gulnaaz. They proved that it was all fake. Ruhan says to them that he won’t leave anyone who betrays them. Dua stops Haider from leaving. Haider says to Dua that he had already warned her that this would break their family. Hameeda says that Dua didn’t do anything wrong. She saved this house. Haider asks her not to poke her head in this matter. He is talking with his wife. Hameeda says that he didn’t think about it when he brought Gazal here. Haider said that he paid for that mistake. Don’t bring it often. He was wrong till yesterday. Today Dua is wrong. Because of her, this house broke apart. Haider said that he thought she would understand him. She snatched everyone’s rights. He is not able to answer everyone here. He congratulates her and gives the documents into her hand.

Episode end