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The episode starts with Hina informing to Rahat that Ruhan went to drop Kaynaat in her house. But their car meet with an accident. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Rahat asks them how is it possible? He asks Gulnaaz to call them asap. Hina cries her heart out. Dadi shouts on them to call them asap. Gulnaaz says that they are not attending the call. Dadi says that Subhan is with them. Hina says that nothing will happen to them. Hina says that she has to inform Dua about it. Dadi stops her from revealing it to Dua reasoning she is pregnant. Hina asks her how will they hide it from Dua? It’s wrong. She can’t do it to her. Rahat says that nothing should happen to her baby. He asks Dadi to stay with Dua for yet safety. He assures her that he will inform her everything on the phone. Dadi prays God to save her children. Dua has a nightmare. Meanwhile, Ruhan puts the breakdown. Haider wakes up Ruhan. Hameeda checks Subhan asap. He scolds Ruhan for driving carelessly. He says that he will drive the car. Hina prays for their safety.

Rahat assures her that nothing will happen to them. Gulnaaz asks them why is God punishing her like this. Noor asks her who informed them about the accident. Gazal thinks that she called them. They were terrified after heard the phone call. Everyone rushes out of the house to check them. Gazal says that Dua is alone in home. She will kill her and baby. Everyone will suspect Kaynaat for her death. They will think that Kaynaat tries to take revenge on her. Gazal changed the sim. Gazal notices Dadi is in home. She thinks that she has to send her out or else she can’t kill Dua and her baby. She has to plan anything. Gazal notices the phone on the table. Dadi is praying there. Dadi hears a sound and turns back but Gazal hides from her sight. Dadi makes sure that phone is there. She leaves from there.

Gazal changes her name into Hina’s name in that phone and call her. Dadi asks Hina if everything alright there? Gazal says to her that everyone is in danger. She asks her to meet Peer baba asap and prays for their safety. She nodded to her. She stops in a middle. She thinks that she has to inform Dua about it. Gazal thinks that she shouldn’t inform Dua about it then her plan will be a flop. Dadi recalls Rahat’s warning and decided not to inform her. She thought to ask the servant to stay beside her. Gazal thinks that last wicket is also out. Only Dua and her baby is here. She enters into Dua’s room holding a rope in her hand. Dua wakes up and ask her what’s she doing here? Gazal says that she isn’t Gazal but her death. She strangles her neck with the rope. Dua loses her consciousness. Gazal dreams about it all. She thinks that it will leave a mark on her neck. Everyone will find out that she killed her. She thinks to push her down from the stairs. Dua and her baby will die then her baby will rule this house. She ties the rope across the stairs. Water falls down. Gazal thinks that it’s time to say good bye to them. Gazal calls Dua and tells her that she got a delivery pain.

Dua says that she is coming. Gazal laughs at her. She failed to notice the water there. Gazal calls her. Dua is about to steps on the rope but stopped in a middle. She thinks why no one is coming to help Gazal. Dua is calling everyone for a help. She notices that no one is coming. Gazal smirks at her. Dua calls Rahat. Gazal calls her again. Dua struggles to climb on the stairs. She slips there. Gazal is happy to hear it. She shouts in happiness.

Episode end