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The episode starts with Gazal saying to Eihchaaz that they have to do something before Dua catches them. Eihchaaz says that they don’t have to do anything. He gave the pistol to her. She says that Dua will die and Ruhan will go to jail. She would stay in Haider’s life forever. Dua is going near the god. She asks him to give this pistol to Ruhan and arrange the coffin for her. Meanwhile, Gazal has returned home. She thinks that Ruhan is going to kill Dua. She will and he go to jail. She will get a place in Haider’s heart. She is going to remove all the thorns from her path. Dua touched her shoulder and asked her where she had gone? Gazal says that it doesn’t matter to her. Dua says that it’s for her. She learns that she trapped Ruhan again in her love drama. She asks her, doesn’t she have shame to play with his feelings again? If her heart is stone to do it? Doesn’t she get enough by breaking his heart? She pushed Dadi down the stairs. She married Haider and ruined her life. Now she is creating a rift between both brothers to break this family apart. Gazal thinks that she found the truth that Ruhan was behind it all. Dua says that she won’t allow this to happen. She demands her to listen to her. She asks Gazal to reveal the truth to Ruhan that she was pretending to be in love with him. She is doing a drama. She is a person who doesn’t give heed to others’ feelings and goes to any extreme for her needs.

Dua warns Gazal that if she doesn’t listen to her, then she will do something to her which she is not able to imagine. Gazal says that she won’t say it because he will kill her. She laughs at her. She says that Ruhan is a fool. That is why he believes her. She can’t do anything with it. Ruhan is her trump card. Love makes everyone mad. She won’t stop this drama. She will use Ruhan to reach near her Haider. Dua says that she is wrong. She is aware of what is written to her. She could expose her and kick her out of this house. Gazal laughs at her and says that she can say it to Haider. She had already tried to expose her in front of him but he didn’t listen to her. She recalls the way she tried to reveal the truth but Haider didn’t listen to her. Gazal asks her to meet Ruhan and say it but he won’t believe her. He is her brother and Devar. She is his secret locker too. But he won’t do anything against his love. Gazal asks her to remind them and leaves. Dua asks her why she is leaving?

Dua asks Gazal to reveal the truth to Ruhan. Gazal says to her that she isn’t scared of her. She asked her. Didn’t challenge her to throw her out of this house within 15 days. She gave so many dialogues to her. She can’t do anything against her. She is doing everything according to her wishes. She is just a toy of hers. Gazal will win in everything. She played her game well too. Soon she will kick her out of this house. Dua used to say it to her but she is going to go out now. She says that there is lack of time. She had to pack her things. Gazal leaves from there, leaving shocked Dua behind. Dua prays to God to help her. Dua recalls the way theft took place in her room. Do you think who stole the money? She recalls that Ruhan came to her room. He stole the money from her, Almira, it seems. Why did he steal the money? She thinks that Gazal may have planned it all. She wishes to inform Haider about it.

If Haider asks Ruhan about it, then it will reach Gazal. She wants to kick her out but she will show it to her. Dua wakes Haider from his sleep. He is blabbering in his sleep.He pulls her close to him, mistaking that he was dreaming. He tries to romance with her. She complained that he wasn’t leaving any chance. She pinches him. She demands him to sit properly. He asks her to consider his love for her. She says that she wants to talk with him about something important. She asks him who stole the money? She asks him to find the truth. He thinks who stole the money? Ruhan thinks that they may search his room and find the truth that he stole the money. Gazal touches his shoulder and asks him why he revealed the truth to Dua? If he stole the money? He admits that he stole the money. She creates a scene there. She says that Dua grows suspicious. What if they send him to jail? He says that he is also a member of this family. He has rights to this money. She says that she can help him. Gazal lies to Haider that she stole the money to impress Ruhan.

Episode end.