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The episode starts with Dua saying to Haider that she doesn’t care about this room. Haider is hers that’s enough. Haider says Dua’s rights is matter to him. She is going through a lot for her love on him. He will do anything to give her rights back to her. He asks her to wait and see what’s going on here. Haider says to Hina that this is Dua’s room.
Hina says that he is going to divorce her. Then why he is allowing Dua to stay in this house. He hugs her says that she is a bad luck. She ruined his life. If he stays in this room them he can’t forget Dua. He shares more memories with Dua in this room. He won’t allow Gazal to stay in this room. Gazal can stay anywhere no one is going to stop her. Hina say that she can understand him. Haider says to Hina that he wants to live with Gazal lifelong. He doesn’t want to allow Gazal to stay in this room. What if Dua’s bad luck affects Gazal too. He doesn’t want to see it happen. He says that Dua isn’t his life hereafter. Haider thinks that Dua is his life. Everyone understands Haider’s plan. Gazal understands that Haider is doing this drama not to send Dua out of this room.

Gazal says to Hina that she don’t leave from this room. It’s her room. Hina asks her to listen to her. Gazal stays adamant. Hina slaps her in anger. She says that she has to listen to Haider. A wife might listen to her husband. Gazal tries to convince her. Haider asks Gazal to leave from this house. She can choose whether she needs this room or him. He needs Gazal in his life. He holds her hand tighter and asks her to come with him. Hina smiles seeing them. Later, Dua laughs at Gazal. Haider says to Gazal that he warned her manytimes that she shouldn’t use his mom against them. She will face the consequences for it. Gazal asks them to laugh as much they want. They can’t do anything against her. Haider says that she can’t understand that this house isn’t her. But she is playing with Hina’s health condition. But she forgot one thing. What will be her state once Hina regained her memory. She can’t play this game a lot. Gazal recalls the way Hina beaten her with a groom. Dua says that we have many pending works to do.

Gazal notices Dua’s file and thinks that she is going to see what she is able to do with this file of her. Meanwhile, Dua is arranging her clothes in a almira. Haider is admiring Dua scolding Gazal. Dua says that is worried about the situation. She wants to do this work again but he is smiling. Haider talking about their babies with Dua. He romances with Dua. They recalls their good moments with each other. Dua says that she has many works to do. Dua recalls the incident and searches for her file. Haider asks her what happened? Dua says to him that their report file isn’t here. It’s missing. She hide that file inbetween her clothes. Gazal didn’t do drama here. She was searching for her file in her room. She is a cunning person. Haider asks her what she is going to do with that file? Dua says that she is a cunning person. She will do anything for her needs. She is a dangerous person.

Dua says that Gazal will do something with her file. Dua says that she threw the file out of the window. Haider tries to calm her down. Dua is searching for her file and says that Gazal took her file. She doesn’t know what she is going to do with her file. She came to her room to find this file. Haider asks her to calm down. He finds the file for her. She thanked the god. Haider says that he can understand this file is important to them. He thinks it’s time for them to become 3 or 4. He tries to romance with her. She is trying to excuse him. Gazal thinks that she is going to fulfill his wish not Dua.

Episode ends