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The episode starts with Hameeda waiting for Gulnaaz. She comes there. Hina and Hameeda are making fun of her for doing so much makeup in this age. Gulnaaz says that Hameeda is old. She can’t understand it all. She might do makeup while going out. Hina makes fun of them. Dua asks them if they are going out? Gulnaaz gives the file to Hameeda. She hides under her dhuppatta. Hina says to her that they are going for massage. Dua says that it’s strange to see there of them going out together morning itself. Hina says that they will return asap. Dua says that everywhere is air pollution. All the Delhi people are staying inside the house. They shouldn’t take risk by going out. She asks them to stay in home and do yoga. Hameeda says that she can go yoga but Gulnaaz can’t. Already she is aged. She is managing it with lots of makeup. If her bone breaks she will lands in trouble. Hameeda says that they will return home asap. She fails to notice the paper falls down. Dua leaves from there. She notices Ruhan keeps an eye on Gazal. Dua comes there. He informs her that he slept well yesterday. Gazal is nervous.

Dua says that she is cunning person. He might keep his eyes on her every move. Ruhan nodded to her. Dua leaves to pray. Hameeda comes there. She asks him to go and take a rest. She will keep an eye on Gazal. He says that he slept well yesterday. Nothing to worry he can handle it. He isn’t going. Hameeda asks him to go to the gym. He isn’t looking muscular. Hafeez has good muscles then him. Ruhan says that he wants to excercise too. But he isn’t going to participate in any competition. He is alright. She asks him to work out. He wants to get married. She married her husband seeing his body. Ruhan says that he will go to gym. Every girls will fall for him. She motivates him. He leaves from there. Hameeda signals to Hina. Hina asks Gazal to leave asap. The security stops them. They says that they won’t allow Gazal to leave without Dua’s permission.

Hina says that Gazal has doctor appointment today. She don’t need Dua’s permission to go out. She is the owner of this house. The security stays adamant. Hina says that Dua is waiting in the car. They noticed a figure Dua looks like sitting inside the car. They didn’t check her face. Hameeda comes there and says that they are getting late. The security says that they will follow them behind. Dua asks them to keep an eye on Gazal. Hameeda says that they are able to handle Gazal. They takes Gazal from there. Dua has a nightmare while praying. She worries about her baby. Meanwhile, Gazal thinks if Dua is included in this plan. Gulnaaz reveals her face to her. Hina says that she will pretend to Dua next time. Gulnaaz makes fun of her. Gazal asks them to drop her.

Hina and Hameeda says that they lied to her to release her. Gazal shouts for help. Hameeda says that no one will hear her voice. Meanwhile, Dua shares her fear with Haider. Haider consoles her. She is shocked to see the CCTV room is empty. Ruhan comes there. She scolds him for it. He reveals to her that Hameeda sent him out. The security revealed the truth to Dua. Dua worried about Gazal’s baby. She got the documents copy. She think if Gazal want to abort her baby.

Episode end