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The episode starts with Dua saying to Hina that she wanted to tell her one thing. Kaynaat is not only her sister, but also her sister-in-law. She is carrying their family heir. They are not able to do anything against her. Dua is shocked to see Hameeda there. She calls the media to come inside. They are going to get a hot topic today. Hina is shocked to see the media there as well as Dua. Hameeda says that they are Akhthar’s family. Kaynaat is Akhthar’s family’s daughter. They took her here to abort her baby forcefully. The media clicks their photo. She humiliates them. She asks them to zoom their face. Dua asks her mom what she is doing? Hameeda says that she has to do it. If she doesn’t do it, they will repeat it. Hameeda shows Hina to the media. She is Haider’s mom. She forced her daughter to abort her child. It’s an illegal abortion. She wanted to kill her own daughter’s child. Ruhan asks them what’s going on here? Ruhan asks them to turn off the video.

Ruhan asks her to stop them. Hameeda asks him not to interfere with it. Dua says that they saved Kaynaat, so stop it. We shouldn’t create more trouble. Hafeez says that it’s a matter of Kaynaat’s life. It will affect her mind. Hameeda says that Hina should be ashamed of it. She made a mistake. Hameeda says that Dua and her son stopped this abortion. She says whether a girl is married or unmarried. It’s her right and her decision to keep the baby or abort it. Hina wants to kill Kaynaat’s baby without mom’s permission. She asks them to say it’s a mistake or not? They became monsters. Their family doesn’t have shame at all. They aren’t scared of anyone. Gazal thinks that she doesn’t plan to stop all this. If Haider learns it, everything is over. She has to do something. Haider notices the news. He is shocked to learn about Kaynaat’s pregnancy. He recalls the incident and thinks that she planned it all to abort Kaynaat’s child.

Gazal asks her to stop it. It’s their family matters. Hameeda introduces Gazal to the media. He says that she is the younger daughter-in-law of Akhthar’s family. She is sautan of Dua. She came to that house as a friend of her daughter. She offered food and shelter to her. But she kicked her daughter out of the house. She snatched her daughter’s life and husband from her. She became a owner of that house. Hameeda insults Gazal in front of everyone. A lady says to her that Gazal doesn’t have shame at all. Her face says to them that she is a cunning person. She only knows how to destroy someone’s family. Her mom didn’t raise her well. Gulnaaz asks them to stop it. Hameeda says that she is Gulnaaz. She is master of Gulnaaz in destroying someone’s house.

She destroyed Hina’s life and became a sautan of hers. She snatched Rahat from her. She forgot to say something. Gulnaaz and Gazal are the same when it comes to plotting against others. They are expert at destroying others’ families. Gulnaaz asks her to stop it. Hameeda says that Rahat betrayed Hina. Haider betrayed Dua. She felt pity for Hina because Gulnaaz tortured her a lot. She faced a lot in her life because of her. She says that she forgot everything and teams up with her Sautan and Gazal to betray Dua. The people got furious and vented out their anger at them. They humiliate them and badmouth their family. Gazal says that they have to run away or else they are over. They started beating Gazal. They badmouthed Gazal. Hafeez protects Kaynaat. Hameeda asks Dua not to stop them. Hameeda says that they deserved it all. She asks her not to come between them. Dua tries to stop them. She locked them safe inside the room. She tries to convince them. Haider comes there. Dua asks him to take him from there safely. Haider thinks that she is trying to save those who harmed her. Ruhan says it to him. He worries about Dua. He says that he still cares for her and loves her. He can’t hide it from him. She is a lion, so she can handle anything. Gulnaaz shares her fear with Hina. She thinks that Hameeda ruined everything. Gazal thinks about how they will escape from there.

Hina says that Hameeda called them here to humiliate them. She won’t leave her. Haider comes there, surprising them. Hina asks him to save them. Hameeda became our enemy. He stops her. Haider hugs Kaynaat and consoles her. He apologized to her for becoming an enemy of hers. Kaynaat asks him not to apologise to her. She apologized to him for her mistake. He says that she made a mistake. But these stone-hearted people didn’t make a mistake, but a sin. How could they try to kill a baby? Ruhan asks Haider to leave or else they will be in trouble. Hina refuses to leave. She asks him who made them pushed in this state. Hameeda is Dua’s mom. He asks her to stop pretending to be an innocent. She is blaming Dua, who is fighting for their family against everyone.

Episode end