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The episode starts with the doctor informing to everyone that he didn’t see who turned off the oxygen cylinder. But Gazal stole the nurse uniform so he might inform the police about it. The nurse says to the doctor that the patient got consciousness. The doctor leaves to check Hina. Gazal thinks that Hina isn’t dying. She fears that she will reveal the truth to everyone. Dua asks Gazal why she is looking nervous. Her mom gained her consciousness so she has to be happy.

Dua says that she will reveal the truth to everyone whatever she did to Hina. She has an evidence against her. Haider asks her which evidence? Dua says that he can’t imagine whatever Gazal did to Hina? Dua says to him that she noticed the messed up room. Gazal tortured Hina inside the room. She hidden Hina inside the bed. When they went to check her Gazal hidden her inside the bed. She was struggling inside it. After that she pushed Hina down from the window. When she checked the CCTV footage. Hina didn’t jumped from the windows because her back faced the floor. It’s not possible when she jumped down. Haider is about to beat Gazal.

The doctor says to Haider that Hina is alright. They are able to meet her. Kaynaat says let’s talk about her punishment after they meet Hina. Haider gets emotional seeing Hina. Rahat and Dadi talked with Hina. Gulnaaz shares her grief with her. Hina caressed Kaynaat’s face. Haider asks everyone to stop crying. Hina is alright. Hina says that she was blessed with good children.

Haider says that Dua is the reason for her recovery. Haider glares at Gazal and ask Hina who is the reason for her state? Ruhan asks her to say it. Someone tried to frame that Hina jumped down from the window. Hina recalls the incident. Hina cries in fear. She mentions Gazal name. Dua thinks that Gazal’s game is over. No one is able to save her. Gazal thinks that no one is able to save her this time. Haider says that her truth came out. He says that he already warned her when Gazal’s truth come out no one is able to protect her. He will be the worst person. Haider says that she already hurted his family. She gave lots of pain to his family.

Haider says to Gazal that he won’t leave her. He forgave her manytimes. He can’t wait anymore. He tries to attack Gazal. Haider says that she pushed his mom down from the window. His mom was in the pain. She is fighting for her life. He threatens to kill her. Ruhan stops him and says that he shouldn’t do anything. He will kill her on behalf of him. Hina gets nervous. Dua asks for help to stop it. They are not allowed to punish her. She might be punished for her deeds. Hina should punish her.

Haider says to Hina that Gazal is in front of her. She can punish her. Eihchaaz thinks that Gazal is trapped. They won’t leave her. He will end up in the jail if he stays here. Eihchaaz tries to escape from there. Ruhan stops him. He says that his sister won’t do anything without her. Haider asks Hina to punish Gazal. Hina caresses Gazal shocking everyone. Hina says that her heart was searching for her. Where were she went? Gazal thinks what’s she saying? If she loses her mind?

Dua thinks why is Hina talking normal with Gazal. Hina says to her that she will be alright. Nothing to worry. Gazal pretends like she cares for her. Haider separates Gazal from her. Haider asks Gazal to stay away from him. He says that Gazal is her enemy. She tried to kill her. Gazal asks her not to believe them. Dua framed her as a culprit. She knew well that she can’t do it her. Gazal creates an emotional drama there.

Haider asks Gazal to stop creating a scene or else she will face the worst. Haider says that Gazal’s truth is out. Haider tries to make Hina understand the truth. He says that Gazal tried to take Hina from them. If she forgave Gazal today then he will considered her as a culprit too. Haider asks her even after this much happened why she is supporting Gazal. She has to take a decision today. Hina recalls the incident and mentions Gazal name. Gazal thinks that she recalled everything.

Episode ends