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Episode starts with Gazal provoking Altaf and gets close to him. She questions his masculinity and taunts that he is inexperienced. She ask him to kiss her in order to prove her wrong, to which he gets shy. She makes him get close to her and he takes a step forward to kiss her. She smiles at him to attract the latter while at that time Haider comes there. Gazal changes her expression and starts acting as if Altaf is trying to force her. She fakes her cry and pushes Altaf away from her. She runs towards Haider and hugs him while the latter gets furious at Altaf thinking that he is trying to take advantage of Gazal.

Here, Gazal instigates Haider stating that Altaf tried to do wrong with her. He trusts Gazal and moves furiously towards Altaf. The latter gets shocked seeing Gazal’s changed behavior and takes some time to register the scenario. He tries to make Haider understand that Gazal is lying and is trying to trap him but the latter doesn’t give him a chance to speak.

Gazal smirks as her plan gets successful. She recalls meeting Haider in his office and telling her fear regarding the marriage. He suggested her to spend 10 minutes with Altaf and assures that she will know him in the meanwhile. He proclaims that he will come to check on them after 10 minutes and states that he won’t leave her alone.

Elsewhere, Haider starts beating Altaf while the latter insists to believe him. He proclaims that he haven’t done anything wrong to Gazal and she was the one who asked him to kiss her. Haider gets angry and starts hitting Altaf harder after listening to his allegations. Meanwhile, Dua comes there at that time and gets shocked after seeing the scenario.

Dua ask Gazal about the matter to which the latter acts in front of her. She goes towards Haider and Altaf. She tries to stop her husband but gets unsuccessful. She somehow separates them and becomes shocked after hearing Gazal’s allegations. Haider warns Altaf and declares to reveal the truth in front of the whole family. He goes along with Gazal while Altaf tells the truth to Dua and insists her to believe him. She blames herself for the problem.

Ahead, Hina consoles Gazal after hearing her lie while Altaf’s parents denies to believe her. At that time Dua comes there and takes a stand for Altaf. The family members gets shocked and Hina scolds her. Haider also gets against Dua, while Dadi ask everyone to believe her. Dua puts allegations on Gazal that she is lying and putting false claim on Altaf.

Dua tells the truth that Gazal was the one who provoked Altaf to get close to her, while Haider says that he is her relative and that is why she is taking stand for him. Gazal starts crying and fakes her acting. Meanwhile, Altaf rebukes the latter and says that she will destroy their family. Dadi also take a stand for Dua while Haider gives her his vow to stop. Whereas, Altaf’s parents gets into an argument with Dua’s in laws.

Further, Altaf’s mother says hurtful words to Hina while Gazal ask her to apologize to her mother-in-law. She then seeks sorry from Altaf’s mother and says that she trusts him. They denies to apologize and shows their disappointment towards Dua. They leaves from there while Haider ask if Dua believes Altaf instead of Gazal? To which the latter stands on her words and tells that Gazal have bad intentions. Hina gets furious and raises her hand to slap Dua but Haider stops her and makes her realise about her mistake. Dua gets shattered by Hina’s action and says that she didn’t expected it from her, while Gazal and Gulnaaz enjoys the drama.

The episode ends.