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The episode starts with Dua confronting Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz tells her it’s the truth. Dua demands her to say the truth. Gulnaaz agreed to admit the truth. Eihchaaz thinks that Gazal has disappeared. He won’t leave her if she goes against him. Gulnaaz says to her that she made a situation Haider to meet Gazal and stole his phone from him. Eihchaaz thinks that Gazal made a smart move. No one is going to stop Haider and Gazal’s wedding now. Dua says to Gulnaaz that she did everything to save her son. But she is helping Gazal, who is trying to snatch her life. She humiliated Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz says that she did everything to save Ruhan. She apologized to Dua. Dua refuses to believe her. Gulnaaz says that she isn’t lying. She is about to confess the truth but stops when she notices Eihchaaz there. He signals her to kill her son. Gulnaaz thinks that her son’s life is in danger. She says to her that the video was deleted because Gazal and Eihchaaz were behind it. Dua says that she was supporting them and blaming them. She did everything to snatch her life from her. She even snatched her happiness from her. Gulnaaz stops her from leaving. Dua says to her that she will definitely reveal the truth to him.

Dua says that she will reveal Gazal’s true color to everyone. She doesn’t leave them. Eihchaaz thinks that she is going to ruin his plan. Gulnaaz thinks that if she reveals the truth to them, then her son’s life will be in danger. Gulnaaz beats Dua on her head. Eihchaaz notices Ravi and thinks that he is coming to this side. He confronts him and asks what he is doing here. Both are having verbal war there. Gulnaaz closes the door. Ravi gets suspicious and starts knocking on the door. Gulnaaz apologizes to Dua and thinks that she has no other option than this. Gulnaaz talks with Ravi in Dua’s voice and sends him from there. Gulnaaz feels sorry for her and thinks that Grandma has learnt the truth. She might stop her from revealing the truth.

Gazal shouts for help. She fears the worst. Haider notices the lorry parked on the road. He found the driver wasn’t inside. He searches for the driver and finds him in an intoxicated state. Haider thinks that he might do something to reach near Gazal. He took the key from his pocket. Eihchaaz thinks that he might break Ruhan’s phone. Noor asks him what’s going on? Eihchaaz thinks that she may have heard everything. He tells her if Ruhan returns home everything will be alright. Noor says to him that he is a good person. Even after Ravi beats him, he is worrying about his family. Gazal loses her energy. Dadi is waiting for Dua. Gulnaaz apologizes to Dadi and closes the door. Dadi shouts for help. Gulnaaz feels sorry for her. Dadi pleads with her to open the door. Qainat asks Ravi. Will Dua reveal the truth to Haider? Ravi says that she wishes to reveal it to him. Gulnaaz is worried about her situation. Her husband comes there and mocks at her. Dadi shouts for help. Dua slowly regained consciousness. Gazal life is at stake. Eihchaaz enters into Dua’s room holding a knife. Another hand, Haider is driving faster to save Gazal.

Episode ends.