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Episode starts with Dua waking up with a headache. She turns and looks at Hina being worried. She questions the latter about the matter, to which she notify that she told the truth to Gazal. Dua becomes shocked and ask why Hina did that? She says that it will create a huge problem for them. Hina shouts at Dua and tells that she was scared and didn’t had any other choice. She cries remembering her confession to Gazal, while Dua gets tensed for her. Meanwhile, Dadi and Raahat also hears their conversation and lashes out at Hina for revealing the truth to Gazal. Dadi says that the latter will cause trouble in their life.

Here, Gulnaaz also comes there and tells Raahat that he warned her that if she will reveal the secret then he will divorce her and questions that what he will do with Hina? Dadi looks at her and scolds her. She ask Gulnaaz to stay quiet for sometime. She glares at Hina and then predicts that her action will destroy their family as well as happiness.

Hina starts crying regretting her decision and proclaims that she didn’t had any other choice. She tells about the spirit which was scaring her while Dadi keeps rebuking her and proclaims that Gazal won’t spare them. At that time Dua goes out of the room and proceeds towards Gazal’s room. She knocks the door and insists the latter to hear her out once. She request Gazal to open the door so that she can clarify the misunderstanding.

Elsewhere, Gazal keep staring at the knife in her hand and then moves towards the door. She opens it and then comes back towards the bed. Dua gets inside the room and sees Gazal’s state. She apologises to the latter for hiding the truth and insists her to think from her prospective. She then tells that the incident was unintentional and Hina tries to save her mother but got unsuccessful.

Dua request Gazal to believe her and questions that if she won’t hug her? Gazal goes towards Dua and fulfills her wish. She then stabs Dua’s back with the knife while the latter gets shocked. But, it all turns out to be Gazal’s hallucination. Dua herself hugs Gazal while the latter stays there without any emotions.

Ahead, Dua says that Hina loves Gazal as her own child and God has returned her mother in the form of Hina. She insists the latter to forgive Hina and have a talk with her while the latter agrees and goes inside her room. She confronts Hina while the latter apologises for her mistake. She then tells that she tried her best to stop the public but they ignored her plead and killed Gazal’s mother.

Gazal faked her forgiveness and hugged Hina. She calls her as her mother while everyone gets elated. Hina also tells that Gazal’s father came for her marriage proposal with Haider, but due to some reason they can’t able to do it. Gazal assures that she don’t have any grudge with them while Gulnaaz gets shocked by her reaction. Gazal fake praises Dua and says that she is her best friend. Meanwhile, everyone gets happy while Gazal goes back to her room.

Further, Gulnaaz follows Gazal and rebukes her for forgiving Hina so easily. The latter smirks and tells that she haven’t forgiven anyone. She notify about her revengeful plan and says that she will take her revenge from Dua as well as Hina. She proclaims that she will even snatch Haider from Dua’s life while Gulnaaz gets elated hearing about it and assures to support Gazal.

The episode ends.