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The episode starts with Gazal dancing in happiness. She thanked God for sending Dua from her life. Haider will belong to her forever. She can lead a happy life with him. Someone is watching her closely. Gazal is about to close the door, but Ruhan stops her. She thinks that he is glaring at her like he is going to eat her. Ruhan pushes her down. She asks him if he loses his senses. She got well recently but he is trying to break her hip again. He says that he is going to stop her breathing too. She warns him to stay away from her or else she will shout. Her husband won’t leave him. He asks her to shout. He wants to see it. She is happy to spend her first night with Haider. She wanted to carry his baby. He informs her that he witnessed her love for Haider. Gazal thinks that he has learnt the truth. She has to do something or else he will kill her. Gazal lies to him that she can’t think about it. She loved him. She hugs him. He asks her to stop it or else he will break her mouth. He made a mistake by trusting her. She is a betrayer. He won’t leave her today. He slaps her. Gazal thinks that she is trapped. She can’t even shout louder. If she shouts, then her game will be over. Ruhan slaps her back to back. Gazal says to him that they won’t leave him if they come to know he slapped her. Ruhan asks her to think about herself first. She ruined his life. She did a drama with him. He separated his bhabhi and friend from him. He insulted her in front of everyone. She warned him many times that Gazal was making a fool out of him in the name of love. She alerts him about her game plan. He even tried to kill her. Dua left the house because of her. She ruined her life.

He saw her truth with his own eyes or else he would have loved her blindly. Dua came to save him but she framed her as a culprit. He made him believe that Dua had come to kill him. He strangles her neck and says that he thought she was her life saver but she tried to take his life. He is not going to leave her alive. He strangles her neck. Gulnaaz comes there and stops him. She asks him to leave her. Gulnaaz says to him that he will kill her. Ruhan asks her to leave him. She betrayed him and made him do whatever she wanted? He is not going to leave her today. Gazal asks her to take him from there. He is mad. She is going to file a case against him and send him to jail forever. Gulnaaz slaps her in anger. She asks her how she dared to think like that. He was in this state because of her. She manipulates him like that. Ruhan says that she made him against his brother and bhabhi. She provoked him to kill Dua. She warned him many times but he trusted Gazal over her.

Gulnaaz says to him that Gazal has no feelings for him. She was in love with Haider. She did everything to send Dua from Haider’s life and take her place. She was using him for her needs. She says that they shouldn’t trust Dua, Haider and Gazal. Ruhan strangles Gazal’s neck and says that he won leave her for ruined his life. Gulnaaz says to him that he has been released from the jail now. She can’t see him getting arrested again. She is living for her children. She can’t see them in pain. Ruhan asks her to kill him. He did many wrong things under Gazal’s influence. He doesn’t deserve to live. Gazal thinks that both Ruhan and Gulnaaz have turned against her. She has to do something. Gulnaaz convinces Ruhan and sends him there. Gazal holds Gulnaaz’s jaw and threatens her. Gulnaaz slaps her and says that she isn’t her owner. She won’t trust anyone in this house anymore. She supported her for Ruhan’s sake. She will make sure that Gazal, Dua and Haider pay off for touching her son. She can expose her within a minute. She doesn’t need anyone for it. She can’t stay in this house or Haider’s life either.

Gazal fears about getting caught. She thinks that Haider will kick her out of the house. She has to kill Ruhan to stop him from messing up in her life. She will kill those who tried to separate her from Haider. Meanwhile, Ruhan calls Dua. She asks him if he did something to Haider. He cried and disconnected the call. She worries about Haider. Ruhan feels guilty and hesitates to talk with Dua. Dua calls Haider. He pretends not be interested in talking with her. Dua says to him that Ruhan needs his help now. He may feel guilty for his deeds. It’s the right time to bring him back on track. She says to him that she doesn’t like his act. He tried a lot to send her from his life. Haider thinks that she knew him better than anyone. Dua is shocked to see Hameeda and Hafeez there.

Episode end