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The episode starts with the nurse saying to Haider that he can’t go inside without an appointment. Haider says that they have an appointment. He asks her to check once. She tells him that Dua Akhthar’s appointment is there. Dua says that she is Dua. The nurse says that there is some confusion. She asks her to go inside. Dua greets the doctor. The doctor says that this is true love. Haider came to meet her once she called him. He left all his work behind for it. The doctor says that Haider is protective. She removed her burqa. Dua says to her that she didn’t wear burqa. She says that she was talking with her few minutes before wearing a burqa. Dua is suspicious. Haider says that she may be misunderstood someone else as Dua. She asks her to show her reports. Report falls down. Haider is about to take it. Gazal fears the worse. Hina helps Kaynaat to her ready. Kaynaat prays for her recovery. Haider takes the report. He failed to notice Gazal there. The doctor checks the report. She says to Haider that she wants to take their samples for IVF treatment. Haider says that he already given it. She tells him that we have to start again.

The doctor says to Dua that she already explained to her about it. Dua thinks something is suspicious here. She says to Haider that something is fishy here. She recalls the incidents. She asks Haider what If they do some mistakes in the IVF treatment. Haider says that it’s not possible. Gazal thinks that Dua is smart. But Dua is not going to give the happy news to the family members. She is going to carry Haider’s baby. Meanwhile, Kaynaat notices a stone fell inside her room. She goes to check it. She notices Hafeez there. She asks him why he is behaving like a child. Hafeez says that it’s a special day for him. It’s not wrong to behave like a child. Hafeez shares his feelings for Kaynaat. He express his love for her. Ruhan comes there and teases them. He asks him why he is seeing his sister secretly. Hafeez denied it.
Ruhan asks him if he feels happy to meet his sister secretly. Hafeez asks him to finish the work instead of reasoning him.

Ruhan says that he is going to inform Hina about their secret meeting. Kaynaat says that Hina is not well. She may get angry hearing it. Ruhan asks them to dance for them. She says that she will sing. Hafeez will dance. Meanwhile, The doctor says to Dua and Haider that they can take the test today. We can proceed the IVF treatment after it. Dua says that she will do it later because Kaynaat’s wedding is today. The doctor says that she is aware. Many guests are in home. She has to take care of them. Dua says that she didn’t inform her about it. How did she know about it? The doctor says that she said it to her. Dua asks her when she informed her? Gazal thinks that the doctor will ruin everything. Dua is sure that she didn’t inform her about it. Haider says that she may informed her about in busy. The doctor asks them to stop this blaming part. Let’s finish this one hour test. They can attend the wedding after it. The doctor leaves from there. Haider and Dua are talking about their baby. He says to her that he fears that nothing should go wrong. Dua assures him that nothing will go wrong. She is with her. She prays for him.

Haider tries to romance with Dua. She says to him that she will leave him. Gazal thinks that one day she has to leave. Gulnaaz and Rahat are teasing Hafeez and Kaynaat. Gulnaaz is talking about their secret meeting. Hameeda and Dadi comes there. They teases Gulnaaz. Dadi holds Hafeez’s ear and ask him what’s he doing here? Hafeez tells her that he wanted to talk with her something important. Everyone teases them. Gulnaaz says that Kaynaat started supporting her in laws already. Hina noticed Kaynaat standing near the balcony. She recalls the incident. Hina calls her name. Everyone is shocked to see her state. Hina asks Kaynaat not to go near the window. Kaynaat says that everything is alright. Hina says that Gazal will push her. She will kill her. Hina hugs Kaynaat. Everyone is shocked to hears it. The nurse takes Haider from there for the test. Dua thinks that something is fishy. The doctor takes Dua from there. Gazal notices the nurse giving instructions to Haider. She comes out of the room. Gazal thinks that she finds a person who is able to help him. This wardboy will help her to collect Haider’s sample. She will carry his baby.

Episode end