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In today’s episode, Hina tells Gazal that Dua has found a way to communicate with Dadi. Gazal asks how is that possible. Hina says that Mumtaz is helping Dua as she can easily read Dadi’s facial expressions. Gazal gets worried. Hina wishes Dua to change her perception about Gazal and stop speaking against her. Gazal gives an excuse and gears up to leave. Hina says Gazal is doing wrong. Gazal worries if Hina is doubting her. Hina calls Gazal wrong for taking Gulnaaz’s name, she asks Gazal to refer Gulnaaz as Ammi hereafter. Gazal agrees and leaves. She collides with Gulnaaz on her way. She informs her about Dua’s newly found solution. Gulnaaz gets tensed.

Dua tells Dadi that she will be asking her a few questions. She asks Dadi to blink if the answer is yes. Dua asks Dadi if Gazal is responsible for her accident. Dadi blinks once. Dua cries. Gazal sees everything and senses danger. Dua curses Gazal that she will never be happy in her life. Dua says that she will expose Gazal infront of Akhtar family and kicks her out of house. She asks Dadi to be prepared to reveal the truth infront of everyone. She goes to hall and calls Everyone. Gazal gets scared. Gulnaaz asks Dua why she is shouting. Gulnaaz worries for her future along with Gazal’s.

Dua brings everyone in Dadi’s room. She sees Gazal is missing. Gazal tries to lock herself in her room. Dua forcefully enters her room and asks her to come with her. Gazal refuses to come and says that she is feeling sleepy. Dua slaps Gazal and orders her to come downstairs with her. She says that Gazal will get punished for her crime. She lashes out at Gazal for trying to kill Dadi and wishes to kill her for this. Dua calls Gazal a criminal and forcefully brings her to Dadi’s room. Hina orders Dua to leave Gazal’s hand. Dua obeys her. Hina criticizes Dua. Dua calls Gazal the enemy of Akhtar family and vows to kick her out today. She says that she will expose Gazal today.

Hina gets irked with Dua. Haider asks Hina to listen to Dua for once. Dua reveals that Gazal has pushed Dadi off the stairs and tried to kill her. Ruhan doesn’t believe her. Dua says it’s fact only. Rahat asks Dua how she knows all these. Dua says that Dadi has informed her everything. Gulnaaz and Hina refuse to believe in Dua’s words. Hina criticizes Dua for accusing innocent Gazal for no reason. Dua says that she will ask Dadi few questions and if the answers are yes she will blink once. Gulnaaz worries for Gazal.

Gazal thinks whether she has to go behind the bars after this. At first Dua asks few general questions to Dadi. Dadi blinks and gives correct answers of all the questions. Everyone gets convinced that Dadi can correctly communicate her thoughts in this condition. Dua asks Dadi if Gazal pushed her off the stairs. Dadi blinks once. Everyone looks at Gazal being shocked. Gazal gets stunned. The episode ends.