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The episode starts with Mannat talking with Farhaan. She informs him that Subhan brings an alliance for her. He tells her that he will drink poison when she got married to him. She asks him if he is a good lover to her? She gets suspicious and looks around. Armaan comes there. She asks him to return her phone to her. He asks her who is Farhaan? She lies to him that he is her friend. Ibadat says to Dua that Subhan is a good person. If Mannat married to him then she will get a good life. He will take a good care on her. Hina says that she said something good for the first time. Hina says that Mannat is her daughter. She assures her that she can lead a happy life with Subhan. Kaynaat says that she is right. She isn’t saying this because Subhan is her son. She promised to her that Subhan can make Mannat happy. Meanwhile, Armaan asks Mannat if Farhaan is just a friend or more then that? Mannat asks him. How did he find his name? Mannat asks him why he cares about it? He tells her that he loves her.

Kaynaat says to Dua that Subhan and Mannat’s wedding will bring back the same bond between both of their family. Hameeda says that she won’t fall for her words. But she is right in this matter. She isn’t a bad person. She upbring her son in a well manners. She asks her to consider her words. Ibadat tries to convince her. Hameeda says that she never asked anything to her yet.
She is asking Mannat’s happiness. Armaan proposed to Mannat. She complaints to him that he is crossing his limits. He says that he feels relieved after confessing to her. He says that he isn’t scared of anyone. He is the real. Mannat loves Farhaan but he is loving her. Meanwhile, Kaynaat asks Dua to accept it. Dua says that she can’t take decision in it. She wants to ask Mannat about it? She needs her permission. Hina says that Mannat likes him a lot. Kaynaat congratulated her. Ibadat recalls her moments and leaves from there. Dua says to her that Mannat should take the Decision in it.

Kaynaat says to her that peer baba already informed them that Haider’s daughter will marry Subhan. Mannat is his daughter. Dua says that Haider has two daughters. Mannat and Ibadat. Meanwhile, Armaan says to Mannat that she wanted to marry Farhaan but the family members are trying to fix her wedding with Subhan. He assured her that he will help her to stop this wedding. He can help her to unite with Farhaan. Mannat says that she misunderstood him. He is very sweet. Gulnaaz signals to him. Farhan says to his friends that Mannat family trying to fix her wedding. His friends says that Mannat is not a easy going girl. Ibadat won’t allow him to touch her. He adds that Mannat isn’t a marriage material. He can throw her away after using her. He says that he won’t throw her away. He wanted to use her to get her money. Meanwhile, Subhan thanked Ibadat.

He apologized to her for not understanding her. He thanked her for trying to convince Dua and Mannat for him. He says that she isn’t loving anyone so she won’t go through the pain of him. He asks her how could she understand his feelings? Subhan asks her if Mannat shares everything with her? She says that they don’t have any secrets. She tells him that he deserve everything. Subhan asks her to create a bond with him. He needs her. He forwarded his hand to her. She holds his hand. He asks her to be a friend of him life long. He says that she is the special friend in his life. She is important to him. She thanked him for accepted her friendship. She promised to him that she will help him to unite with Mannat. Subhan hugs her and thank her.

Episode end