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The episode starts with Subhan thinking that he is suspecting Mannat. He doesn’t know what happened to Ibadat? Dua feels guilty for threatens her family members. She gets emotional. Hameeda consoles her. Dua says that she threatened everyone and showed her power to them. Hameeda says that it’s important to show their place. She has to do it to save her children. She adds that Dua isn’t weak. One day they have to give Ibadat’s rights to her. She worries about Ibadat. Meanwhile, Ravi and Ibadat are in danger. Mannat thinks that she diverted Subhan. He shouldn’t suspect her. Armaan touched her shoulder. She thinks that he is Subhan. She feels relieved to see Armaan there. Armaan congratulates her for kicked Ibadat out of the house. Mannat says that even the walls have ears. We shouldn’t talk about it here. Mannat says that she will be happy when she elope with Farhaan. He can congratulates her on that time. Nigar asks her to elope now. Mannat says that she can do it but she don’t have money in her hand. No one is giving job to Farhaan. Family members also stopped supporting him. Nigar says that Armaan is there to support her. Mannat says that she might find out where did mom gave that jewelry to polishing. That necklace is enough to handle everything. Armaan says that it’s easy to handle. If Subhan doubting her? She says that he doubted her. She says that he has doubt on her. He says that Subhan is cunning. She might be careful with him.

Mannat says that she is aware Subhan is cunning. Her tears is enough to make him fool. She is smarter then him. He can’t find out her plan at all. Gulnaaz comes there. She says to him that Mannat is very cunning girl. She is fooling Subhan a lot. She is planning to steal everything from this house. Armaan says that she don’t need to worry about it. She will go near that Farhaan. He is already in his control. She will lose her rights in this house. Then he will marry her and take over everything in this house. Meanwhile, Mannat thinks that she has to go near Farhaan. Neither Ibadat can stop her nor Subhan. She has to plan something. Subhan comes there and asks her what’s she planning to do? Mannat says that tomorrow is their wedding. She is planning about it. He asks her about Ibadat. She says that she called her manytimes but she isn’t attending her call. She may be angry at mom. Mannat says to him that beautician coming to go her make-up. She likes to spend time with him but she has to do her makeup. He checks her mobile without her knowledge.

Kaynaat vented out her frustration on Hina. She says that Haider transferred everything on Dua’s name. They don’t have any rights in this house. She complaints that Hina isn’t reacting to it. Hina says that Kaynaat isn’t thinking about anything. Mannat is Dua’s treasure. Once Mannat married to Subhan then she will be on her feet. Her almira’s key will he in her hand. Meanwhile, Subhan tried to unlock Mannat’s phone. He finds out that Mannat didn’t called Ibadat once. Then why did she lied to him? He worries about Ibadat. Subhan hides seeing her. Mannat thinks that she will proceed her plan once she got the necklace. Subhan gets suspicious hearing it. She will get everything after the wedding then why she is trying to find the necklace. Farhaan is torturing Ibadat and Ravi. Later, Dua is trying to contact Ibadat. She thinks that she will be relieved once she talked with her. Mannat comes there and lies to her that beautician is coming. She needs the necklace. Dua says that she gave that necklace to Ibadat’s hand. She gave it to do polishing. Mannat says that she used to place it on her almira. She says that she needs it now. Dua says that she gave that responsibility to Ibadat. She tried to call Ibadat. But Mannat stops her. She lies to her that she talked with Ibadat. She is alright.

Mannat calls Farhaan and informs him that Ibadat ruined their plan. They thought to sell the necklace but it’s not in this house. Ibadat sent that necklace to do polishing. She demands him to ask Ibadat about that necklace or else they can’t arrange money. Farhaan says to Ibadat that he is giving one more chance to her. He demands her to say where did she hide the necklace. Ibadat says that she is ready to die but she won’t reveal it to him. She is aware that Farhaan needs the money not Mannat. He is loving her money not her. Ravi asks her to reveal it to him. She denied it. Meanwhile, Mannat informs Armaan about it. Ibadat planned it all carefully. Mannat says that she needs that money to meet Farhaan. Armaan says that she can go back to Farhaan but she has to be careful. He takes Nigar from there. Subhan hears their conversation. He thinks what’s going on here? He needs an answer..

Episode end