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The episode starts with Gazal saying to Ruhan that she is Gazal Akhthar. She isn’t scared of him. Ruhan laughs at her. He asks her to stop mentioning herself as the Akhthar family. Haider is going to divorce her asap. She doesn’t belong to their family. Gazal takes slippers to slap him. He stops her and warns her that he will forget she is a woman and beat her to death. He humiliates her. Gazal says that he loved her once. He was behind her like a dog. Ruhan tells her that he was a fool. He was blind in love. But he realised her true colors. He won’t dare to be with her if she is the last woman in this world too. Both end up arguing with each other. Ruhan insulted Gazal. Family members rush there to stop them. Haider asks him to stay away from Gazal. He doesn’t want more problems. Gulnaaz asks him to listen to Haider. She is a dangerous person. She would frame him in her plan. Ruhan isn’t ready to hear it. The doctor shouts at them for creating a scene there. She threatens to shift Hina to another hospital. Dadi and Dua deny it. Dua asks Ruhan to stop thinking about Gazal. She asks him to think about Hina. She manages to convince him. Gazal talks a lot.

Dua thinks that Gazal thinks herself smart. She is planning to escape from her mistakes. She thinks of them like a fool. She will punish her for her deeds. Everyone is waiting outside the OT. Gazal thinks that everyone is silent. She had to create a scene. She prays for her recovery. She thinks that she was doing a drama so Hina shouldn’t come back alive. Gulnaaz thinks that she is doing a lot of drama. Dadi says that she doesn’t know whether to worry about Hina or witness Gazal’s drama. She isn’t allowing them to live in peace. Dua asks Gazal to leave from there. Gazal says that she didn’t do anything. Because of Dua, she is in this state. She will die but won’t leave here. Dua says that she won’t listen to her but she has to listen to them. Gazal is shocked to see the police there. The inspector says to Gazal that she is arresting her for trying to kill Hina. Dua thinks that her game is over. It’s time for her to pay for her deeds. The inspector asks the constable to arrest her. Gazal asks them to stop there. The inspector asks her who she is to order her? Gazal asks her how much money she offered her. The inspector asks her how dare she to blame she got bribed? The inspector says that she has an FIR against her. Gazal asks her who filed against her? Dua says that she did it. What is she thinking? She won’t be punished for her mistakes. She won’t forgive her for whatever she did to her family. Gazal says they ruined her life. She asks the inspector to save her life. They are trying to kill her.

Gazal says to the inspector that she lost her mom in her childhood days. She says that they are trying to kill her. Haider married her. He is even married already. He didn’t give his wife rights. He didn’t consider her his wife. She didn’t force him to do it. If she is already weak, then how will she kill them? She shows her wound to her and says that Haider did it to her. He did it for Dua. She asks her not to believe their words. The inspector says to her that she filed more complaints against her too. Gazal says that she knew Dua was a cunning person. She may say that she pushed Dadi off the stairs. She may have said she kidnapped Ruhan. She tried to transfer the property to her name. Dadi is a cunning person. She can’t even talk in front of Dadi. Then how she will push her off the stairs. May Gulnaaz says she saw her pushing her off the stairs. Then why didn’t she stop her? Why did she allow her to do it? She asks them to answer them. Nothing happened like that. It was a fake complaint to make her arrest. Gazal says that Gulnaaz is her enemy. She is Hina’s sautan. She harmed her and tried to frame her for it. Haider is her husband. He married her for his family but didn’t give her rights. He loves Dua. He said that she forced him to marry her. How could she force him?

Hameeda is Dua’s mom. She said that she tried to kill her. Hameeda is stronger than her. She says that Kaynaat is her sister-in-law. She may say she tried to abort her child. They will blame her for everything. She says that Ruhan is Haider’s brother. He trapped her in his love drama. He left her on the wedding day. Haider married her but Ruhan has an eye on her. When she refused to him he blamed her that she kidnapped him. Dua asks her to stop this drama. Gazal says that she is making a drama. She has evidence that Dua threatened to kill her. She asks the nurse to tell the truth. She says that Hina’s state is critical. Gazal makes the crowd give a favourable statement of her. The inspector asks Dua to give evidence against Gazal. Gazal says that she won’t allow her to leave with an empty hand. Eihchaaz and a lawyer went there. The doctor says to Haider that Hina’s state is critical. Haider asks the inspector to leave. Gazal asks the inspector to give protection to Hina. They will kill Hina. Gazal says that they are her enemies. Ruhan says that Gazal knows how to kill everyone, not them. Kaynaat says that she wants to kill Hina because she thinks she is the reason for her parents’death. Haider asks her how she dares to frame them dirty. Gazal manipulates the inspector against Haider’s family. She asks her to save her from Akhthar’s family. Gazal thinks that Dua called the inspector to arrest her. But she turned everything against her.

Episode end