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The episode starts with Haider saying to Hina that he loved a toy in his childhood. She treasured it for him because she loved him. It was just a toy. But Dua is his love. She is everything to him. Hina may hate her, but he loves her. She can forgive her mistakes. How could she try to kill Dua? Why did she do like that? Haider says that Gazal’s mom died because of Hina’s mistake. She made a mistake but he was punished for that. He married Gazal for Hina’s sake. He betrayed Dua for it. Hina recalls Dua’s words and regrets them. Haider says that he sacrificed it for her. But she supports Gazal and tries to snatch who is more important to him. He shares his grief with her. He says that he fell in front of Dua’s eyes because of her. Since he was married Dua, he asked her to take care of Hina. Dua loves her like the way she loves him. He loved them equally. She broke it by helping Gazal. Haider says that she broke his trust. He says that she did a sin to Dua. She used to be a good friend of Dua’s. Everyone used to be jealous seeing her treat Dua as a good friend. Haider says that she tried to kill her.

Hina says that she treated her like a daughter too. But she isn’t allowing Gazal to get her rights. She snatched her children’s rights from them. Haider says that she can’t escape from her mistakes by mentioning them. She says that she insulted her. Haider says that she won’t cause mistakes. Haider says that she not only pushed Dua off the stairs. He fell in front of Dua’s eyes. He said that she was thinking Dua transferred everything in her name. She isn’t greedy about money. She is greedy for love. She doesn’t like the way she showed her love to Gazal, which Dua deserves. If she showed her love to Dua, then she would have given all the property to her. What will she do with this house? She won’t get anything. He says that he didn’t understand Dua at all. Because of her mistake, he is leaving this house. He decided it. He is leaving this house, taking Dua along with him. He doesn’t need this house or money at all. Hina says that she can’t live without him. Gazal thinks that she can’t allow him to leave everything behind. She wants to stop him.

Dua thinks that she has to stop Ruhan. Ruhan thinks that he has 4 bullets in this gun. He thinks that he will shoot him for snatching Gazal from him , second bullet for forcing Gazal, the third bullet for insulting Gazal in front of everyone, the last one for making his mom cry. He thinks that he has to get ready to die. Dua says that it won’t happen. Dua says that he can’t do anything to Haider. Ruhan says that she got hurt a lot. That is why she is blabbering like a fool. He says that she can’t even stand properly. Then how could she save Haider from him? Dua walks to him. She asks him to come back to his scene. She says that he is a good person. Gazal makes him evil. She says that Gazal is using him for her own needs. Once her work is over, she will get rid of him. She was going to break his heart again. Ruhan says that she can’t save Haider from him. Dua says that she will reveal the truth to everyone that he is trying to kill Haider. Ruhan says that he may go out of this house after they learn the truth. He will kill Haider once he gets out of this house. Dua thinks that she can’t live without Haider.

Hina says that everything is happening because she is scared. Dua is breaking this family apart. Dua calls the police station to file a FIR. Haider says to Hina that he won’t allow her to harm Dua. She is his wife. Hina says that she isn’t seeing what she knows. She says that he won’t understand anything until she beats him to death. Haider says that she doesn’t have any rights to push Dua off the stairs. Hina says that she didn’t push her intentionally. It’s a mistake. She isn’t dead yet. If she died, then she would take the responsibility. Haider says that if she died then he would also die with her. Haider says that he tried a lot to make her understand it. She doesn’t understand it. He wants to take his Dua far from this place. He gave a fitting reply to her. Hina says that he was blind in love with her. She asks him to come back to his senses. Haider’s answer makes her shattered. He says that Dua won’t stay here. It’s his last decision. Hina says that Dua won’t leave him, leaving this house and money. He will understand it when she refuses to go with him. Haider says that Dua will leave everything behind for him. He says that Dua will do anything for him. Gazal thinks that she won’t allow him to leave her.

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