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The episode starts with Gazal thinking that she find the right person. He can help her to collect Haider’s sample. She will carry Haider’s baby in her womb. Meanwhile, Haider and Dua changed their dress to take the test. Haider asks Dua not to worry. God will definitely bless her with a baby. He will mention her as mom. A wardboy asks Haider to give his phone to him. He will keep their phone safe. They give his phone to his hand and leaves. Meanwhile, Hina says to Kaynaat that Gazal will push her down. She asks the family members to save Kaynaat. Gulnaaz asks Hina why she is thinking that Gazal will push Kaynaat down? Hina says that Gazal pushed her down from the window. She is a demon. She will kill everyone. Hameeda says to Dadi that Hina remembers that Gazal pushed her down. Rahat consoles Hina. He assures her that he won’t leave her. He will punish her for her deeds. He asks her to narrate what happened on that day? Hina says that she remembers everything what happened on that day. She would have died on that day.

Hina says that she loved Gazal more than her children. She came to her room. She slapped her. She said to them, what Gazal did to her on that day? Gazal beaten her from behind with a flower vase. She hide her inside the bed. She made sure Dua and Haider didn’t notice her. She tried to kill her inside the bed. She pushed her down from the window. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Hina feels dizzy. Kaynaat consoles her. She says that she tortured her mom a lot. Rahat recalls the way Dua strangled Gazal’s neck. She said to them that Gazal pushed her down from the window. Dua said the truth it seems. Ruhan says that Dua won’t lie. He tells him that he will inform Dua about it. He says that Dua isn’t arranging his call. Dadi says that she went to the hospital. She asks him to try again. Hameeda says that it’s good Hina remembers everything now. But she may forget everything again.

Gulnaaz says that she is right. She has an idea to keep her remember everything. Hina asks Kaynaat to get up. Hina asks Kaynaat not to leave. Hameeda sits beside her. She asks her not to worry. She asks her who pushed her down from window on that day? Hina mentioned Gazal’s name. Gulnaaz recorded everything in her mobile. Dadi asks her what’s she doing with her mobile? She says that she is recording her video. Once she recorded her confession then they shouldn’t worry about Hina’s memory loss. Gulnaaz says that this evidence is enough to send Gazal to the jail. Dadi appreciates her. Meanwhile, Gazal is following the wardboy. He leaves Haider and Dua’s phone aside and attend his phone. Gazal keeps a close watch on him. Gazal decline Ruhan’s phone call to stop the wardboy to get the attention. Gazal attends the phone call. Ruhan says to Gazal that Hina remembers everything. He said it to her mistakes Gazal as Dua.

Ruhan says to Gazal that Gulnaaz recorded the video of Hina’s confession. Gazal thinks that her game is over. She shouldn’t have left Hina alone. Ruhan asks her what happened to her voice? Gazal lies to him that she took the medicine that is why she can’t talk well. Gulnaaz says that she recorded the of Gazal. She shouldn’t worry anything. She asks her to come back asap. Rahat says to Gulnaaz that Gazal will try to harm Hina when she comes to know the truth. Gulnaaz assures him that she will take care of Hina. Gazal thinks that Gulnaaz did a wrong by recorded her confession. Gazal praises Wardboy. She asks him to take a selfie with her. The doctor says to Dua that she will get positive result. Wardboy asks Gazal why she is taking pictures in a burqa. Dua hears her voice and recognises her. Dua thinks that she is Gazal. Haider stops Dua from going near Gazal. He says that we are getting late to go home. We have to attend the wedding. Dua says that she wants to clear her doubt first. Gazal thinks that she shouldn’t catch her. Dua stops her and demand her to open her burqa.

Episode end