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The episode starts with Ibadat sharing her grief with Haider’s photo. She says to him that she didn’t get her father’s love. She didn’t get mom’s love. She lost Subhan’s love too. She doesn’t know why is everyone punishing her like this? If she did any sin? She has to sacrifice her love for Mannat. Subhan loving Mannat unconditional. He will make her happy. He is the best person to her. He would have feel proud of her today. She doesn’t has anyone to share it with. No one is there to wipe her tears too. It’s the secret between them. Nigar hears it and thinks that she learnt her secrets. Meanwhile, Sufi complaints to Subhan that he don’t love him anymore. He insulted him in front of everyone. Subhan tried to convince him. Sufi says that he don’t love him. Subhan hugs him. He says that he was the one who supported him in the London. He don’t have a friend there. He was his only friend.
Sufi says that he know to flatter him. He doesn’t need anything from him. Subhan shows the credit card to him. Sufi says that if he force him then he will take it.

Subhan says that he isn’t forcing him. Sufi takes the card from him. He says that he is happy to see Mannat accept his proposal. Subhan says that she didn’t accept yet. But Ibadat accepted him. Sufi tells him that he is wrong. He proposed Ibadat when Mannat denied it. Subhan says that he meant friendship. Sufi says that he can’t maintain his friendship with a girl long. Subhan says that he can do it. Meanwhile, Armaan says to Mannat that he cares for her. She shouldn’t share it with Ibadat. Mannat says that she won’t hide anything from her sister. Armaan says that she is trying to fix her alliance with Subhan to get a place in Dua’s heart. He cares for her. Mannat says that Ibadat cares for her more then him. She will reveal about Farhaan to Ibadat asap. He hugs her and says that it’s alright. He tried to touch her hip. Ibadat stops him. She slaps him in an anger. She asks him how dare he to touch Mannat in an improper way? He was trying to take an advantage of Mannat’s innocence.

Armaan denied it. He says to Mannat that he cares for her. Ibadat tells him that she will inform mom about his care. She can understand that she is trusting a unworthy person. He has a wrong intention to touch Mannat. Mannat says that she misunderstood him. Ibadat says that she don’t know anything. She can’t see his true colors. She asks her to open her eyes. She lashes out at Armaan. He holds Mannat’s hand. Ibadat pushes him away. She removed her slippers to slap him. Mannat holds her and demand Armaan to leave. She can’t control her. Meanwhile, Dua says to Kaynaat that Haider accepted Ibadat as his daughter. She won’t agree to accept Ibadat as Haider’s daughter then she won’t give a nodd to Subhan and Mannat’s wedding. She won’t allow her to separate Ibadat and Mannat. They are having a good bond. She makes clear her statement. Kaynaat is about to deny it but Hina stops her.

Kaynaat assures Dua that she won’t show partiality to Ibadat. She will accept Ibadat. She asks her to fix her wedding. She hugs her. Kaynaat thinks that she won’t accept Ibadat. Armaan is determined to take revenge on Ibadat. Subhan stops him. He says that Ibadat is his friend. Armaan argues with Sufi. He tried to hit him. Subhan stops him. He asked him not to mess with Ibadat but he is trying to beat his brother. He will pay for it. Subhan says that Armaan’s cheek is red. It seems Ibadat slapped him that is why his cheek is red. Sufi teases Subhan when Raziya informed him that Dua calling him. Mannat teasing Ibadat. Farhaan calls her. She disconnects the call. Ibadat questions Mannat.

Episode end