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Episode starts with the conversation between Haidar and her mom Hina. Hina asks Haidar to call Dua to prove himself. Meanwhile, Gazal provokes Hina against Dua. Hina blames Dua for destroying the unity of the family. Coming in the room of Dua, Kaynaat wants to know with whom she was conversing with. She decides to tell everything to Kaynaat, so that she wouldn’t misunderstand her. As soon as, she proceeds to confess, she is emphatically asked to come in down by Haidar. She runs to see the matter. Kaynaat fears if Dua has complained against her mom, there will be another chaos. Haidar can’t control his wrath but he gently asks Dua to pack her luggage. He doesn’t want to live in the house. Everyone is counfounded learning the unexpected decision of Haidar.

Recalling the threat, Dua remains silent and doesn’t reply his words. Hina accuses Dua that she would never leave this house for her greediness. Gulnaaz dramatically asks what’s going on in the house and blames Dua for another conspiracy. Haidar protests and clearly announces they are leaving the house. Dadi becomes emotional learning their sudden decision and pleas them both decline their affirmation. Haidar seems very disheartened for the cruel behaviour of this family. He gives the logic behind his settlement as he doesn’t regard this home as his own. He wants a permanent salvation from this chaos. Gulnaaz smirks and waits for their leaving.

But Dua is in a big quandary, she can’t decide what should she do. She knows that as soon as they would come outside, Ruhan will shoot Haidar surely. Haidar gives her the confirmation that he will prove himself as a perfect and responsible husband. Remembering the life threatening words of Ruhan, Dua emphatically says she wouldn’t go anywhere. Hina smirks and mocks Haidar as she has proved herself right. Ignoring all the accusation, Haidar directly asks Dua what is dragging her behind. Gazal takes the chance and pretends herself more loyal than Dua. Failed to bear bad mouth of the family members, Dua louds his voice and proceeds to say the truth. Before completion her words, the police arrives in the door.

Actually, Gazal has called the police on behalf of Dua and she complains against Hina. The police searches for Hina also wants to arrest her in terms of the accusation of murdering her daughter in law. Dua is thunderstrucked for the sudden advent of police. Kaynaat lashes Dua out and blames Dua for destroying the whole family. Everyone corners her but she doesn’t get any chance to prove herself. Kaynaat says she herself has seen to call the police officer. Recalling the squabble between Dua and Hina, Haidar is convinced that Dua herself has called the police officer. Gazal has been waiting for this moment.
Episode ends.