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Episode starts with Haider scolding Dua for again bringing Gazal in between their conversation. He proclaims that he already asked the latter to stay away from her, but she didn’t followed his instructions. He states that Gazal’s presence always brings negativity and fight in their house. He reminds how many times Dua got into trouble because of Gazal and rebukes that she still want the latter to come to their house. He questions that why she isn’t understanding his concern and declares that he is just worried for her as well as his family. Dua replies that she understand his concern but assures him that Gazal desperately needs help.

Here, Dua tells Haider about the financial problem of Gazal and proclaims that she can’t let her suffer alone. She states that she can’t see a girl going through trouble and insists Haider to help her. He tells that he have called Gazal in their house in order to show her true colours to Dua. He proclaims that the latter will herself see the intentions of Gazal and will agree to him.

Ruhaan brings Gazal to his house while she gets shocked upon coming there. She proclaims that if she had knew that he will bring her there, then she wouldn’t have come. She declares that now also she won’t go inside as she don’t have any more patience left to get insulted by his brother Haider. She glares at him and then decides to leave from there. She turns away and was about to go, when Dua stops her.

Elsewhere, Dua smiles at Gazal and welcomes her. She insists the latter to come inside for her, while Gazal gets soft towards Dua and says that the latter has helped her a lot and she really means a lot to her. She proclaims that she can’t deny Dua’s words but she don’t want to face Haider, as he have done so wrong with her. She expresses her anger towards Haider while Dua insists her to listen to him once.

Dua takes Gazal and Ruhaan inside the house while everyone gathers there. Gulnaaz makes faces and concentrate on their conversation while Dadi gets furious upon seeing Gazal and ask that why she has come there? Dua stops her and insists to listen to her. Meanwhile, Raahat along with Hina and Dadi gets worried about the past getting revealed.

Ahead, Haider comes forward while Gazal lashes out at him for making her helpless. She recalls how he teared her appointment letter and says that because of him she isn’t getting any job offers. She says that he can’t even imagine what she is going through and proclaims that she can never forgive him. Dua insists Gazal to listen to Haider once as he have some offer for her. The latter denies and keeps rebuking Haider for causing misery to her.

Gazal states that she wanted to show her gratitude towards Akhtar family for funding her education but she never got the time. She proclaims that she agrees because of her Dua has landed into trouble and she is deeply saddened by it. Meanwhile, Dua takes a stand for her husband and says that he wanted to help the latter. Haider declares that he wants to offer a job to Gazal in his office while his family members gets shocked. Gazal misinterprets his intentions and denies to take his offer. She rebukes him while he says that it’s her real face and shows it to Dua.

Further, Dua takes a stand for Haider against Gazal. She tells Harder’s perspective to Gazal and says that he was just concerned for her and his family. She ask Gazal to think from his point of view and hugs her stating that she will choose her family in between her friendship and Haider. Hina along with others gets happy while Gulnaaz gets furious as her plan to bring problem in between Haider and Dua gets flopped. Gazal tells Dua that she understands her concern but denies to take the job, stating that her dignity isn’t allowing her to accept it. Meanwhile, Dadi, Hina and Rahaat gets relieved as Gazal goes away while Raahat ask that till when they will hide the truth from Haider? While Hina looks on being tensed.

The episode ends.