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In today’s episode, Ruhan asks Haider to slap him but he will speak the truth only. He says that he won’t tolorate any single foul word against Gazal after today. He regrets for not listening to Gulnaaz before. He hugs her. Gulnaaz gets emotional. He tells Gazal that he can’t hear anything against Gazal and Gulnaaz. Hina says Ruhan is not wrong this time. She calls both Haider and Dua wrong. She asks everyone to leave the room. Haider goes to say something but Hina doesn’t allow him. Everyone leaves. Hina leaves with Gazal. Dua wonders what Gazal might have done with Dadi. She looks at Dadi.

Dadi cries. Later, Gulnaaz praises Gazal. She says that Gazal did something which she could not do in these many years. She gives credit to Gazal as Ruhaan took stand for her for the first ever time. She says that today she won and Dua lost. She hugs Gazal and laughs. Gazal says it’s just the beginning the picture is not over yet. They are yet to celebrate many more victories. She promises to break Akhtar family into pieces. Haider goes to Hina and complains about Ruhaan for misbehaving with Dua. Hina says that Ruhaan did the right thing only.

She says that she doesn’t want Dua to be the reason of Haider and Ruhaan’s conflict. Haider defends Dua. Hina asks him to not trust Dua blindly. She says that she trusted Rahat blindly but he brought Gulnaaz in his life and broke her trust. Haider says that he can’t see Hina cry like this anymore. Qainat cries in her home. Rahat asks her what happened. Qainat says that she felt bad as Hina went against Dua and supported Gazal. Hina asks Haider why Dadi safeguarded Gazal when she doesn’t like her a bit. She says that Dua must be lying.

She asks Haider to think about it. Dua sits in her room and wonders why Dadi saved Gazal. Haider comes there. Dua tells Haider that she is not lying. Haider says that he never said that she is lying. Haider says that he is worried for Dua, he can’t see her stressed. He says that he can never misunderstand Dua like others. Dua hugs him. Dua sleeps in his lap. Haider pats on her forehead. He sings a song for Dua. Dua falls asleep. Gazal hears it and gets jelous. She leaves. Haider makes her sleep on the bed.

He wonders if Dadi concealed the truth but why she would do that when she loves Dua the most. He wonders what Dadi got by saving Gazal. Dua meets Dadi and thinks that she is feeling ashamed. She asks her to not feel so. Gazal, Gulnaaz come there. Gazal asks Dua that she must be wondering why Dadi did not reveal her truth. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to not reveal her secret. Gazal says that after today Dua can’t say anything to anyone. She holds Dua at gun point. Gulnaaz gets scared. Gazal says that she is more dangerous than people think of her. Dua doesn’t get scared. She asks Gazal to shoot her. The episode ends.