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In today’s episode, Dua cries and says that Gazal will destroy everything. Gazal calls Eihchaaz and tells him that she will definitely win this time. Eihchaaz informs her that he is witnessing a great dramma in Akhtar house. He says that Hina has locked Dua inside a room and Dua is crying. Gazal gets tensed and says that Hina is trying to spoil her plan. Eihchaaz asks her what happened. Gazal says that Haider may change his decision if he sees Dua in pain. Haider drives his car and says that he will not change his decision. He says that he has to talk to Dua before sunset to save Gazal’s life.

Dua tries hard to open the door and asks Hina to open it. Hina says is Dua wants to kill her next. She wishes to die so that Dua gets peace. Rahat asks Hina to have faith as God will fix everything. Rahat asks Hina to wait for Haider’s arrival. Eihchaaz tells Gazal that he can’t wait for Gazal and Haider’s marriage. Gazal says for that Haider and Dua have to stay away from each other. Dadi asks God to help her so that she can stand up and inform everyone about Gazal’s intention. She takes God’s name and tries to stand up on her feet with difficulty. She fails.

Noor tells Gulnaaz that Ruhan’s phone is still unreachable. Gulnaaz cries for Ruhan. Qainat thinks only Ruhan can expose Gazal now. She gets an idea. Eihchaaz tells Gazal that he will handle everything and asks her to concentrate in her plan. He makes Gazal hear Dua’s scream. Gazal says that Haider will have a change of heart if he sees Dus in this condition. Gazal says that she has full faith in Haider he will keep his words otherwise he has to see her craziness. Someone beats Eihchaaz. Gazal worries thinking if it’s Haider.

Ravi beats Eihchaaz for making fun of Dua’s pain. Dua asks Ravi to leave Eihchaaz as the latter may take advantage of the situation. Ravi doesn’t listen and beats Eihchaaz mercilessly. Others come there and ask Ravi to stop. Hina criticizes Ravi and calls him the servant of Akhtar house. She asks Ravi to not forget his limits. Dua gets shocked and asks Ravi to not mind Hina’s words as she is angry right now. Qainat tells Hina that she can’t insult Ravi like this for Eihchaaz.

Eihchaaz says that he will not tolorate all these anymore. He asks Qainat to best him. Qainat warns him to stay away from her. Eihchaaz says that Dua asked Ravi to beat him. Ravi says that Eihchaaz was making fun of Dua’s misery. Ravi says that he got angry and beat him. Hina toungelashes him. Qainat says that Hina has become blind. Hina slaps Qainat. Haider tries to reach home. His car gets punctured. He worries thinking that he doesn’t have much time left in hand. The episode ends.