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The episode starts with Sufi helping Subhan to do his first aid. He notices that Subhan is checking Mannat’s picture. Sufi teases him. He asks him to choose who is his destiny? He was beaten up for Ibadat. He is doing this much to marry Mannat. Subhan says that he fought with the goons for his best friend. He is very lucky because he got a friend who sacrificed her love to help him unite with his love. He even got his love. Later, Mannat wish to strangle Ibadat’s neck but she doesn’t want to fall in front of her family. She leaves from that room secretly. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz throws the bag on Armaan. He asks her if she going somewhere? He says that Mannat is going to marry him. Gulnaaz says that he is day dreaming a lot. She asks him to look at his face first. He says that everyone will fall for his charm. Gulnaaz makes fun of him. She humiliated him. She says that he shouldn’t forget his dadi when he gets more money. He asks her what’s she saying? Gulnaaz complaints that he ruined a better chance. They lose in front of Ibadat.

Subhan is going to marry Mannat now. Nothing will be remain in Armaan’s hand. She lashes out at him. Armaan says that she is worrying about it unnecessary. She shouldn’t think that everything is over. We are going to win it. He asks her to listen to him. This game isn’t over yet. Mannat isn’t going to marry Subhan. Everything is going to change at the last moment. Gulnaaz says that nothing will change. Armaan asks her not to worry again. He will prove that he is capable to change the situation. She will be proud of him. Later, Armaan asks Mannat about the jewels. Mannat says that she again won Ibadat’s heart. She made her fool again. She will elope with Farhaan tomorrow. He asks her to share her plan with him. Mannat says that Farhaan is keeping a close watch on them. Once she got the jewels she will elope with Farhaan. She will lead a happy life with him. Armaan thinks that she is going to marry him. Meanwhile, Ibadat notices that Mannat isn’t in her room. She notices that she is talking with someone through the window. She gets suspicious and follows her behind.

Mannat feels like someone is following her. She check behind but Ibadat hides. Meanwhile, Dua is sharing her happiness with Haider. She says that Mannat is going to marry tomorrow. She will go to her in laws house. Hameeda comes there. She said that she isn’t sleeping. She knew well what’s going on in her mind. She was also in this state when Dua’s wedding take place. Her father isn’t there to wipe her tears. At least Hameeda is there to wipe her tears. She hugs her. Meanwhile, Mannat is talking with Farhaan. Ibadat thinks that it’s Farhaan voice. She is cheating them again. She won’t allow her to play with Subhan’s life again. Subhan notices that Mannat is talking with someone in night. She thinks that Subhan is coming to this side. She thinks that Subhan’s heart will break to see her with Farhaan.

Ibadat collides with Subhan. They shares an eye lock. Ibadat stops Subhan from meeting Mannat. It’s a rules not to meet the bride before the wedding. She shares the rituals with him. He tells her that he isn’t happy with this wedding. He was waiting for this wedding. She asks him not to worry and go with a flow.
Later, Dua says to Hameeda that Hafeez takes Kaynaat back to London. Mannat will also accompany them. Hameeda consoles her. Meanwhile, Subhan apologized to Ibadat. He says that she can’t unite with her love because of him. He thanked her for everything. He hugs her. Ibadat thinks that she won’t forgive Mannat for whatever she is doing with Subhan.

Episode end