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In today’s episode, Gazal cries and hugs Hina. Haider asks Dua to leave all these. Dua says that she won’t spare Gazal today as she crossed limits. Haider asks Dua to stop. Gazal asks Haider to not stop Dua and let her beat her. Haider questions Dua for her action and says that he is feeling ashamed because of her. Gulnaaz praises Gazal in mind for winning Haider’s sympathy. Haider says that he can’t recognise his Dua. Dua says that they all should be proud of her today. She cries as everyone is misunderstanding her. Dua says that Gazal wants to destroy Akhtar family. She says that she has to kick her out before that. She toungelashes Gazal and goes to beat her again.

Hina asks Dua to stop. Hina says that she will beat Dua if she doesn’t stop immediately. Dua says that she wants to save her family only. Ruhan calls Dua a liar. Dua says that Gazal has threatened Dadi showing her a pistol and vowed to kill her, Ruhaan and Rahat. Dadi had to conceal the truth for the sake of her family’s safety. She calls Gazal cunning for doing all these. Gazal says that she doesn’t have any pistol. She asks Dua to kill her instead of accusing her. Dua asks Hina to not trust Gazal. Gazal asks her to stop lying. Dua goes to beat Gazal again and asks her to admit her crimes. Ruhan stops her. He snatches the stick.

Dua is about to fall, Haider holds her. Haider goes to hit Ruhaan. Hina separates them and asks Dua to not create rift between brothers. She orders Dua to go away from her sight. Dua says if she leaves Akhtar family will be destroyed, Gazal will bring their destruction. Dua goes to Dadi’s room and says that she will give punishment to her offender. She asks Qainat and Mumtaz to search for the pistol with her. Gazal says it was a lighter and Dadi is experienced enough to differentiate between real and duplicate pistol. Dua says that pistol looks like real pistol to scare anyone. Flashback shows that Gulnaaz hides the pistol come lighter so that Dua fails to prove herself right.

Haider again asks Dua to stop all these and concentrate on Dadi’s recovery. He asks her to accompany him. Dua refuses to listen to him. Dua says that she will prove herself right. Dua asks Dadi if Gazal threatened her. Gulnaaz asks Dua to stop doing dramma. Gazal tells Gulnaaz that she will tell the truth to everyone and goes out of the room. Gulnaaz gets confused and scared. Gazal breaks her father’s stick and cries loudly. Everyone gears up to reach Gazal. Dua asks everyone to not leave Dadi’s room. They don’t listen to Dua and go to Gazal. Hina asks Gazal what happened. Gazal says that she wants to reveal her secret. She says that Dua is telling the truth. Everyone thinks that Gazal pushed Dadi off the stairs and threatened her showing pistol. They get shocked. The episode ends.