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The episode starts with Subhan getting ready for his wedding. Subhan feels like someone is going to attack him. He is surprised to see Sufi holding knife in his hand. He says that he is just eating an apple. Subhan says to him that he thought he is going to attack him. Sufi says that he doesn’t know who is his enemy and friend? Why he is scared of Armaan. Subhan says that Farhaan Kidnapped Ibadat first. Armaan showed his true colors to them. He says that he fears that some problems will come in his wedding. Sufi says that he is going to marry a childhood crush. He hugs him to congratulates him. Ibadat comes there. Subhan shares an eye lock with her. Sufi coughs to bring them back to their world. Sufi says that Subhan is feeling shy. He excuses them. Ibadat brings the sehara for Subhan. He stops her from leaving.
He apologized to her. He asks her if she alright? He says that she won’t get her love for life long because of him. He is going to marry Mannat. Ibadat says that he is loving Mannat. She isn’t suspecting her love for him. He is her best friend. Nothing is important in her life then Mannat. Ibadat says to Subhan that tomorrow their relationship going to be changed. Once he married to Mannat then he will become her brother-in-law. Subhan apologized to her. She asks him to get ready for his wedding asap.

Subhan asks her to be happy. She congratulates him. She recalls her moments with Subhan. She leaves from there. Later, Gulnaaz praised Kaynaat beauty. She says that Rahat used to praise her always. She was a child to her. Today her son is going to get married. Kaynaat warns her not to mention her as her child. She didn’t inform them that Armaan is loving Mannat. She is always a Sautali mom. Nigar says that Gulnaaz isn’t aware of it. Armaan didn’t inform them that he is loving Mannat. She would have tear his ear if she is aware of it. She adds that she always considered Haider’s daughters as her. If she misunderstood her then where will she go? Gulnaaz says that no one is supporting her like her in this house. She came to congratulate her for Subhan’s wedding. Gulnaaz asks her to believe her. She says that their common enemy is Dua. Once this wedding is over Dua will feel alone. Gulnaaz feeds sweets to Kaynaat. She congratulates Kaynaat.

Dua is getting ready for the wedding. Mannat keeps a close watch on her. She is determined to steal the almira key from her. Mannat praises Dua’s beauty. She says that she looks beautiful in it. She looks like a bride. Dua asks her why didn’t she get ready yet? She says that she is waiting for the beautician. She asks her to call her asap. Mannat says that her eye liner isn’t proper. She will help her. She steals the key from her hand. Dua asks her to get ready asap. Mannat thinks that she might steal the jewels asap and runs from here. Dua thinks that she forgot her mobile. Mannat is shocked to see the jewels are missing in the almira. She thinks that it seems they kept the jewels somewhere else. Dua comes there and ask her what’s she searching inside the almira. Mannat says that she came to take her jewels. But it’s not here. Dua asks her how did she opened the almira?
Mannat says that she found the key and phone in the table. Dua says that she informed her that Ibadat will give the jewels to her. Then why did she searched for the jewels in the almira. Ibadat asks her what’s the matter. Dua asks her to give the jewels to Mannat.

Ibadat says that she got busy in the wedding arrangements. Mannat demands her to bring the jewels asap. She takes a selfie with them. Ibadat thinks why is she excited to get the jewels. Hafeez advises to Subhan. Mannat is shocked to see the security. Ibadat says that she appointed them. Farhaan may create problems in her wedding. Mannat asks her to remove them. He won’t create any problems. Ibadat denied it. She gives the jewels to her. Mannat informs Armaan that she got the jewels. Ibadat appointed the security in home. She demands him to help her to elope from home. He demands her to come down asap. Ibadat comes there.

Episode end