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The episode starts with Sufi saying to Subhan that his girlfriend won’t come to pick him up from the airport. He can understand he is playing with him. Subhan says that she will definitely come to pick him up because she is his love. Kaynaat asks him whose love? Subhan tried to convince him. Sufi shares a story with them. Kaynaat asks him what was he talking about Love. Meanwhile, Dua hears the fire alarm. Everyone rushes out to check the fire. They are surprised to see Mannat dancing there. Dua says that it seems she pressed the fire alarm to get everyone’s attention. Hina stops her from getting scold. Mannat says happy birthday to Ibadat. She asks them to change their mood. It’s party time. Mannat dances with Ibadat. Dua joined with them. Armaan dances with Mannat. Ibadat gets suspicious seeing his attitude. She notices Armaan trying to hold Mannat’s hip. Ibadat pushes him away. She tells him that he can’t touch her when she is there. Armaan glares at her. Gulnaaz shares something with him.

Armaan brings a birthday cake there. Armaan says that today is Mannat’s birthday. He wishes happy birthday to her. Mannat brings Ibadat there but she is shocked to see Ibadat name isn’t written on the cake. She asks Armaan why didn’t he wrote Ibadat’s name in it. Armaan is about to tell her that he forgot it. Mannat says that he shouldn’t say that he forgot it. It’s not the first time. They are celebrating the birthday together. Hina says that she is asking so many questions to him. It’s a small cake that is why he didn’t write her name. Why is it bothering her? There is no difference between Ibadat and Mannat. Mannat says that there is a difference. She has the equal rights of her. She asks Raziya to bring the cream. She writes Ibadat name in it. Hina thinks that she is snatching Mannat’s rights. Ibadat hesitates to cut the cake. Dua asks her to cut the cake. Mannat feeds the cake to Dua and Hina.

Ibadat gives cake to Dua. She refuses to eat reasoning she already eat. She won’t eat much sugar. Ibadat feels sad. Mannat notices it and applied cake on her face to make her happy. Ibadat chases her. Hina says that Mannat is happy. She is also happy because her Subhaan is coming. Ibadat and Mannat blushes hearing his name. They leaves from there. Hina says to Dua that Mannat is blushing hearing his name. Peer’s baby words turns true. Gulnaaz asks them they fails to notice Ibadat. She is also blushing. Hameeda says that they are happy for their return. She is adding fuel in the fire. She became grandmother though she didn’t stop this attitude of hers. Later, Ibadat is sleeping. Mannat checking herself in the mirror and plays a music. Ibadat asks her why she is happy to see his return. She says that something happening inside her. She says that she is pranking her. She is waiting for her makeup set. Ibadat asks her if she saying the truth? Kaynaat and Subhan reaches to India. Subhan feels disappointed to see his love is there to pick him up. He thinks if she really don’t love him?

Mannat asks Ibadat why she is blushing hearing his name. Sufi is teasing Subhan. He says that his girlfriend did not come to pick him up. It seems she isn’t interested in him. He gets disappointed. Sufi teases him. He asks him if she ever make a video call to him? She may be considered him as her bestie. Subhan is adamant.

Episode end