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The episode starts with Haider saying to Dua that she shouldn’t have raised her hands on Gazal. Dua asks him if he did the right thing by snatching her rights and marrying her? She says to him that he will get the prize for it. Don’t sell his self-respect for her. Haider asks her to stop talking like that to him. She shouldn’t have raised her hand on her? Gazal is his responsibility and his wife. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Dua says to Haider that he is always thinking she was ill-treated. He even thought like that before the wedding too. That is why he didn’t care about her words. Whatever, all her faith in him died. She had to remind him of one thing, that his lovely wife was a snake. She even tried to mess up with her. But she doesn’t know that she has become a stone. Nothing will affect her anymore. If she tries to mess with her again, then she won’t leave her. She will make sure that she can remember the lesson life long. She says to him it’s her promise. She is about to leave. Haider held her hand. He notices the wound in her hand. Everyone is shocked to see the blood oozing out of her wound. Gazal recalls the way Dua holds the knife.

Haider asks Dua what happened to her hand? What is she doing? She isn’t taking care of herself even after he warned her to be careful. He makes her sit and removes the bandage. Gazal thinks that Haider’s love is coming out again. She can’t stop him from it. Haider keeps advising Dua about being careless. Gazal thinks that she got hurt but he is dressing Dua’s wounds. Haider opens the detol bottle. Detol splashes on Gazal’s wound. She feels the pain in her hand. Haider is cleaning Dua’s wound. Gazal is not able to see the way Haider is showing his care for Dua. Dua recalls Haider’s confession to her that he had to marry Gazal to save her life. Dua removes her hand from him. She rubs her wound on his hand. She thanked him for his care. She says that she doesn’t need his care anymore. He can take care of Gazal. If he got time, just ask her why she had beaten her? If he asks her, too, she won’t say the truth to him. Because she is a liar. Haider tries to talk with her but she walked away from there.

Haider notices Dua’s disappearing figure. Gazal thinks that Haider loves Dua. She had to remove her from his heart using hate. Later, Hafeez asks Dua why he stopped him from revealing the truth to Haider. He has to learn the truth. Dua says to him it’s a waste to reveal the truth to him. She tried many times to reveal the truth to Haider. But she framed her in everything smartly. Haider thought that he had to take care of her because he was responsible for Gazal’s mom’s death. He does not understand the evil inside her. He is not seeing the true colors of her. She had to bring out Gazal’s true colors. It’s important to reveal her true intentions to everyone. Hafeez asks her if she hides the truth, then he will go far from her. Dua says that he does not believe her. Hafeez says that Dua is aware that Haider was married to Gazal without an option. He has a valid reason for that. Then why is she showing her anger at him? Who would talk like that to her husband?

Dadi says that she isn’t doing anything wrong. He changed her like that. Dua says to her that Haider is aware that she isn’t lying though he is trusting Gazal. He is not giving importance to her. She shares her grief with him. She tells him that she didn’t expect a day like this to come in her life. Kaynaat says to her that she was right. Haider isn’t doing the right thing. He has to be punished for his deeds. Hafeez and Kaynaat hug her. Later, Hina gave first aid to Gazal. Gazal says that she isn’t feeling better even after she insulted her. She beat her. She wants to kick her out of this house. No one will stop her. Hina assures her that she is here. Gazal provoked her against Dua. She says that Haider isn’t doing anything against Dua. Her husband isn’t taking a stand for her. Hina says to her that she will take action against her. She will think 100 times before messing up with her. Gazal smirks when hearing her plan.

Episode end