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The episode starts with Mannat asking Kaynaat if she came to India to create a problems in her family. Dua says that she shouldn’t talk like this. Mannat says that Kaynaat started it all. Kaynaat says that Dua didn’t raised her daughters in a well manners. She says that she shouldn’t dare to unite Subhan name with Ibadat. Mannat asks her why Subhan is so great to her? She can admit that Subhan is good person. But Subhan can’t come near Ibadat. When the results come out Ibadat’s photo will be pasted in everywhere. She is not only first in the studies. She has a good character. Mannat says that Ibadat is expert in creating a place for her in everyone’s heart. Ibadat’s another name is Dua. Haider’s blood is running on her blood. Subhan is not greater then Ibadat. Dua feels proud of her. Ibadat asks her to stop it. She says that she can’t accept the way Kaynaat insulting Ibadat always. Mannat says that she is creating a scene since she came here. If she don’t like to stay here then she can return to London. Kaynaat says that it’s her wish. She leaves from there.

Dua stops Kaynaat from there. She says to her that she will apologize to her on behalf of Mannat. Mannat tells her she didn’t do anything wrong to apologise to her. Dua says that she might apologize. Mannat tells her that Dua taught her to raise her voice out when someone is wrong. Dua says that she taught her, how to respect the elders. She shouldn’t talk with them in an disrespectful way. Mannat says that Kaynaat has to learn how to give respect to others. If she is wrong then Kaynaat is equally wrong too. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Mannat says that if she has to apologise to her for saying the truth. Then Kaynaat has to apologise to Ibadat for insulting her. Kaynaat fumes and raised her hand to slap Mannat. Ibadat stops her. She says that she is respecting her a lot but she can’t allow anyone to hurt her sister. Hina asks Ibadat who she is to stop her daughter? Ibadat says that she is aware who she is? The way Dua stopped her daughter from doing wrong, Hina has to stop her daughter too. May be Mannat was wrong to convey the matter here. But whatever she said is true. She wasn’t wrong here.

Dua taught them to say the truth and support it. She is respecting them. She won’t make Dua’s head bend down. Kaynaat says that they are crossing their limits. Kaynaat asks Subhan why he is standing silent without supporting her? Subhan says that Kaynaat is wrong today. She didn’t give respect to Hafeez and taunt him. Mannat may talked with her in a wrong way. But she was right to support her sister. He would have do the same for Sufi. He was noticing the way she is treating Ibadat badly. It’s nonsence to treat them differently. Kaynaat says that Dua may be happy to see Subhan is against her. Kaynaat humiliates Ibadat there. She says that Ibadat called her lover at the night time. She is a shameless girl. Mannat thinks that she may misunderstood Farhaan is Ibadat’s lover. Kaynaat humiliates Ibadat there. Dua shouts on her for insulting her. Kaynaat asks Dua to question Ibadat about it. Mannat feels guilty. She thinks that mom and dadi will kill her. She can’t break their trust. Kaynaat says that Ibadat is romancing with her lover in this house at a night time. Dua says that she won’t accept the way she is humiliating Ibadat. Kaynaat says that truth won’t change. She was blind in her matter. Dua says that her daughter is not able to do like that.

Kaynaat says that Ibadat is made her remember someone else. Hameeda asks her to shut up. Kaynaat demand Ibadat to answer her. She pulls Ibadat’s hand. Dua stops her. Subhan asks Ibadat to reveal to them that he was her boyfriend. Mannat fears the worst. Kaynaat badmouthing on her mom. Dua shouts on her. Dua says that she will question Ibadat about it. Dua asks Ibadat to say the truth. Mannat fears the worst. Armaan asks Gulnaaz if she reveal the truth or save her sister? Kaynaat says that she is silent it means she is liar. Subhan asks Ibadat to say the truth. He is there to support her. Ibadat is about to answer her. Dua says that she don’t need to answer her. Kaynaat says that she is guiding others in a wrong path. Who will bring alliance to this house. Dua says that she is believing in her daughters. Kaynaat humiliates her. Ibadat says that she can’t take a word against her mom.

Episode end