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The episode starts with Gazal noticing Ruhan aiming a gun at Haider. Gazal shouts Haider’s name and pulls him down. The lights are turned off there. Dua asks Haider if everything is alright? Hafeez leaves to turn on the light. They are shocked to see Gazal is lying on Haider. Dua asks them what that sound was? Haider asks her why she fell on him? Dua thinks that Gazal was hiding something from them. Something happened here. Gazal tells him that she came to talk with him but she loses her balance and falls on him. Haider says that she is risking other people’s lives. Dua says that she is lying. She intentionally fell on him. It looks suspicious. Gazal asks her what’s wrong with it? She fell on her husband. Gazal complained that she was pretending to be angry with Haider in front of everyone. But she stuck to him whenever she got the chance. Dua asks her to be within her limits. Gazal asks her what she will do to her? If she feels jealous about seeing her. She asks her to understand one thing. Haider married her not to buy her here. She had locked her husband outside of her room. She knew about her intentions. Haider asks her to stop it. She has shame to talk about it in front of everyone. Haider asks Dua to take a rest. She needs to go to the office tomorrow.

Gazal thinks that she gave the pistol to Ruhan to kill Dua. But he pointed the gun at Haider. She had to finish him asap. Later, Dua says to Hameeda and Dadi that Gazal didn’t fall on him unnecessarily. Something is fishy there. They are not able to see it. Dua notices Gulnaaz there. She asks her if she noticed Ruhan anywhere? She can’t see him anywhere. Gulnaaz tells her that he won’t inform her about anything before leaving. Gazal slaps Ruhan. She asks him if he is planning to ruin everything. Why is he acting recklessly? He shooted at Haider. If he wanted to kill him? Ruhan says that he wants to kill him. He won’t leave him. Gazal asks him if he has lost his senses? Ruhan says that he senses. He says that Gazal means a lot to her. She asks him not to dare to come near her. Then he would see the worst of him. What is he thinking about himself? What if something happened to Haider? She asks him how he dared to shoot his Haider? Ruhan holds her cheek tighter and asks her why she is trying to save Haider? She asks him to leave her. If she loved him? If Dua told the truth that she was in love with him. What game is she playing with him? She refuses it. He points a gun at him.

Dua asks Gulnaaz what happened to her. Gulnaaz says that she is making a smart move. Dua says that she was with her. Dua asks her why she is angry on her? Gulnaaz says that Haider transferred everything to her name. Her children don’t have anything in their names. Dadi says that she thought she was brilliant and she could understand everything. Dua transferred everything in her name not to use it. She did it to save Ruhan. Dadi takes her inside to explain it. Meanwhile, Ruhan says to Gazal that he understands that she loves Haider. She is doing a fake love drama with him. She is betraying him. Gazal complaints that he can’t understand anything. She asks him to kill her and finish everything there. She doesn’t want to prove it to him often. Dadi hates her a lot. Dua would have peace if she died. Ruhan asks her why she saved Haider? She says that she saved him, not Haider. She creates a scene there to manipulate him. She asks him to kill her if he doesn’t trust her. Ruhan says that he can’t kill his lover. He apologizes to her.

Dadi says to Gulnaaz that every property was in Haider’s name. Gazal takes advantage of his relationship with her to take over everything. Haider isn’t happy with it. We have to save everything from Gazal. Hameeda says that they just saved the company from her. We have to transfer this house to her name too. Gazal might build a wall across this house. Gulnaaz thinks that she wanted to transfer everything into her daughter’s name. What if she changed in the future? She won’t get anything. Gazal manipulates Ruhan. Later, Dua cleans the house and finds something suspicious. She guessed that someone had tried to shoot Haider. Dua recalls Gazal’s warning to her. She thinks that she won’t leave Gazal. Later, Gazal tries to provoke Hina against Dua. She says that everything went into Dua’s hands. She will kick them out of this house asap. She can’t do anything against her like today. Hina showed her frustration with Dua to Gazal. She says that she didn’t take a donkey with her. She made them donkey. Gazal asks her not to mention that name to her. It’s taking her life. It is not allowing her in peace. Hina praises the Bapanya. Gazal asks her to stop thinking about this donkey and Dua. She is trying to send her out of this house. Dua says that she won’t send Hina out but she will definitely kick Gazal out of this house. She did a wrong by trying to kill Haider. Gazal thinks that she was trapped because of Ruhan.

Episode end