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The episode starts with Gazal shouting for help. The inspector rushes to help her. Gazal says that they locked her in the room. She pleads with him to save her. She says that they are beating her. She fears that they will kill her. The inspector says that he got the right information. They locked up an pregnant woman. He threatens to send them to the jail. Gazal lies to him that they are torturing her and forcing her to give birth to a baby. Gazal says that she called him to inform it all. The inspector says to Dua that he didn’t expected this from her. Dua says that she is a cunning person. The inspector says that it’s wrong to lock her in this way. He asks her to give the key. He released Gazal’s hand. Gazal pretends like she is thanking God. The inspector asks them doesn’t they have mercy on their heart? How could they treat a pregnant woman in this way. He asks the constable to arrest everyone in this home. They have to understand the feeling of locking up inside the room.

Gulnaaz says to the inspector that Gazal is doing a drama. He shouldn’t believe her. She is a cunning person. Hameeda says that she is a criminal. Haider says that she is creating a scene. Gazal says that she is starving here. They are not giving food to her. They are beating her. Gazal says that Kaynaat tried to kill her. She escaped from her at the nick of the time or else she would have died. Gazal fears about getting caught. She thinks that she shouldn’t go to the jail. What will happen to her Subhan. Kaynaat says that she is lying. She asks them to say the truth. Hameeda says that she is her daughter-in-law. She can’t harm a insect. Gulnaaz says that she is lying. She can turns everything upside and down. Ruhan says that she ruined his family. That is why she locked her here. Rahat says that if he really giving respect to them then he have to believe them. Gulnaaz says that he shouldn’t believe her. She may created this marks alone. Hina says that Gazal tried to kill her. She tried to kill Hameeda. She hates Kaynaat that is why she is blaming her.

Gazal thinks that they are trying to save Kaynaat from the punishment. She doesn’t know why is Dua and Haider are silent. Hina says to the police that Gazal is in this house because of Dua or else she would have been in the jail. Hafeez says that she is habituated to ruin their family. Gazal asks Dua and Haider to reveal the truth. They won’t lie to anyone. She demands them to reveal the truth. They used to say that they won’t lie. Gazal thinks that they never lied. Gazal swears on Dua’s dad. Dua stays silent there. Gazal swears on her baby. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Dua recalls that incident and gets emotional. Gazal is forcing Dua to reveal the truth. Dua nodded to her. She feels sorry towards her. Dua admits that Gazal tried to kill Gazal. Kaynaat asks her what have she done? The constable tried to arrest her. Hina and Hameeda are asking him to stop it. Kaynaat says to Dua that she worried about her till. She is cursing her that she will be punished for this. She can’t even imagine about it.

Kaynaat says that she is sending her to the jail for Gazal. Gazal and her baby will ruin her life. She betrayed her. She never thought about her Subhan. She curses her. Hameeda asks the constable not to arrest her. Ruhan pleads with the inspector. Rahat says that he will discuss about it. Hina asks Dua to deny it. Dua says that she doesn’t has any other option. Hameeda says that it’s waste to talk with her. Hameeda asks Haider to save Kaynaat. Her Subhan is very small child. Haider says that she will be punished for her deeds. He can’t do anything in it. But someone also go with her. Haider says that Gazal might leave from this house too.

Episode end