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The episode starts with Subhan disappointed with Ibadat for lying to Dua. He says to Mannat that she shouldn’t hide her love from her mom like the way Ibadat did. Subhan leaves from there. Mannat says to her that she is hearing everyone’s taunt because of her. Why should Subhan scold her? She won’t leave him. Ibadat stops her and says that she don’t need to explain him anything. She doesn’t care about what’s he thinking about her. Mannat says that who he is to blame her? Ibadat complaints that she was the reason for everything. She is aware why did everyone questioned her character. She lied to Subhan and mom. Kaynaat insulted mom. Mannat is the reason for it. Mannat asks her if it’s a crime to love Farhaan. Is she think like that then why did she stayed quiet. She would have said to them Farhaan was her boyfriend. Ibadat says that there is no difference between them. If they questioned her or Mannat. It will their mother. She advises to Mannat that Subhan is her future. Mannat says that Farhaan is her future.

Kaynaat says to Hina that Subhan lied to her because of Ibadat. She has to do something to Dua and her daughter. Hina says that she shouldn’t punish Mannat for it. Kaynaat says that she can’t forget the way Mannat insulted her. Hina says that she is a child. Kaynaat says that she is Haider’s blood. She will separate her from Dua and Ibadat. Hina complaints to her that she shouldn’t have behaved like that in front of everyone. Kaynaat says that she won’t repeat this mistake. She will make sure that Subhan won’t give respect to Dua next time. Meanwhile, Ibadat scolds Mannat for chose Farhaan as her lover. She tells her that he isn’t a good person. Mannat says that she is insulting farhaan often. He was angry with her because of Ibadat. Ibadat complaints that whole family is angry with her because of her. Kaynaat questioned her character for her. Mannat says that she is loving him a lot. Ibadat says that she is a mental that is why she chose Farhaan. He was the worst character in their college. Mannat says that she doesn’t care. Always some drama take place in this house. Ibadat says that Farhaan will left her. On that day this family will come to support her. She loves Farhaan. Ibadat threatens to reveal the truth to Dua. Mannat says that she will see her death.

Mannat is adamant in her decision. Ibadat tries to convince her. She scolds her. Ibadat leaves from there. Farhaan sends a voice message to Mannat. She replied to him that she will come out asap. Farhaan threatens to kill himself if she fails to come out. She tells him that they have to live together. Farhaan thinks that he won’t allow her to go back to home. Ibadat slapped him. He will make sure she can’t show her face out. He will ruin her family name. Meanwhile, Subhan is dreaming about Mannat. Sufi comes there and teases him for smiling alone. He asks him to say the reason. Subhan says that Ibadat and Mannat loves each other a lot. Ibadat is lucky to get a sister like Mannat. Later, Ibadat feels heartbroken while recalling the way everyone insulted her. She hides the truth. Mannat is getting ready to go out to meet Farhaan. She apologized to Ibadat’s photo. She thinks that she can’t understand her love for Farhaan. She is aware that Ibadat won’t reveal her truth to anyone. If she supported her then she wouldn’t have go out to meet him alone in this time. She leaves from there. Ibadat thinks she is ready to take any blame on her for Mannat.

Subhan is talking with Sufi about Ibadat. Ibadat feels disappointed when Subhan misunderstood her. She thinks that she has to hide the truth from Subhan to save his future. She is determined to save Mannat from Farhaan. Later, Mannat meets Farhaan. He hides the drugs in his pocket. He thinks that Mannat can’t escape from her. Subhan is disappointed with Ibadat for hiding the truth. He says to Sufi that Ibadat doesn’t deserve his friendship.

Episode end