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The episode starts with a Ibadat searching for Mannat. Mannat heard it. She says to him that she is here. Farhan tells her that she is misheard. Let’s dance together. He plays the music. She dances with him. He signals his friends to stop Ibadat. Meanwhile, Dua says to Ravi that she fears something will go wrong. Subhan says that we can find them asap. Gulnaaz hears it. She says to Nigar that Dua is not able to hide her daughter’s mistake from them. She will reveal it to everyone. She calls Armaan to alert him. She asks him to make sure that Dua will be impressed by his fight. Armaan notices the goons there. He informs Gulnaaz that lots of goons are there. He can’t handle them alone. Gulnaaz is shocked. She advises him to stay quiet there. He don’t need to do anything. He wanted to makes sure that Dua believes he went there to save them. Nigar says that Mannat and Ibadat are alone there. He has to help them. Gulnaaz says to them that Dua is coming to save them. She advises him not to break his leg while fighting. He nodded to her.

Ibadat notices Mannat is dancing with Farhaan. Dua thinks if Farhaan is Ibadat’s friend. What’s the need to call her here? Why didn’t Mannat informed them about it. He promised to Haider that she will take a good care on them. Mannat fails to notice the goons abducted Ibadat. The goons holds Ibadat. One of the goon says that he will stab her. They are making fun of her. He stabs her. Dua gets a jerk. She says to Subhan that Ibadat is in a danger. She wanted to save her. She asks Subhan to drive asap. If something happens to Ibadat then she can’t live. Ravi thinks that Haider left them 20 years ago. If she getting wrong vibes then they are really in danger. Subhan thinks that Ibadat shouldn’t have go out. Because of her Dua is worried. Because of her Mannat is also in a danger. The goon didn’t stabbed Ibadat. He says that he won’t kill her. He wanted to enjoy her. She shouts. Dua thinks that nothing should happen to her daughters. Farhaan makes Mannat drink it. Mannat asks him to drop her in home. She has to go back.

Farhaan noticed the goons are tying Ibadat’s hands and leg. Mannat heard the sound. She ask him if he heard that sound? It seems someone is there. Farhaan denies it. He diverts her. The goons are flirting with Ibadat. He is praising her beauty. Ibadat prays to the god. She thinks how will she save Mannat from Farhaan? Farhaan is waiting for the moment Mannat is getting intoxicated. She feels dizzy. Dua, reaches to the place. Armaan notices her. He thinks that it’s time to fight with the goons and get a good impression from Dua. Gulnaaz asked him to stay away. Armaan approached the goon. The goon is beating Armaan. He offered money to him. The goon notices Dua and leaves from there. Armaan lies to Dua that he saw Mannat is here. He saw her going out of the house. He just followed her. He don’t know where she is? The goon calls Farhaan and alert him. Farhan says to Ibadat that she slapped him. Whole Akhthar’s family is going to pay for it. He asks his friend to do whatever he wanted to her. Farhaan executes his next plan. Dua scolds Armaan for not informing her anything. Subhan says that Ibadat sent this location it seems they are here. Ravi says her to stay here. Their life is in danger. Dua is adamant to go with them. The goons surrounded them. Subhan, Ravi fights with the goons. Farhaan misbehaved with Mannat.

Episode end