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Episode starts with Haider getting worried about Gazal as she gets unconscious. He tries to wake her up and states that he won’t be able to forgive himself, if anything happens to her. He winces in pain being buried inside the concrete. He looks at Gazal and shakes her in order to wake her up, but gets no response. He ask Gazal to get up while the latter finally opens her eyes and sees him. She mutters that before dying she will have to bear his face. She taunts him while he replies that no one is going to die there. He proclaims to save her as well as himself.

Here, Haider sees Gazal getting unconscious again and gets tensed. He again shakes her and ask her to stay awake. He then starts murmuring that he have responsibilities of his family and he can’t die without fulfilling it. He pushes himself to stay alive beneath the concrete and also motivates Gazal to keep breathing. She looks at him being surprised by the way he cares for his family even at the situation of life and death.

Haider recalls Dua and says that she won’t be able to live without him. He recalls her love for him, while Gazal stares at him. Meanwhile, she says that she don’t even have any family to remember. She gets sad stating that she only have a house and four walls inside which she lives. Haider looks at her and gets sympathetic. He then tries to cheer her up and says that Dua is always there looking after her.

Elsewhere, Gazal says that her father always looked after her. She also states that he never talked about her mother and proclaims that she lost her in her childhood. She states that she just knows that her mother had to pay for someone else’s deed. She says that her mother had faced injustice, but her father kept it a secret from her.

Gazal then tells that she wanted to give all the happiness to her father but God had snatched him earlier. She says that she can’t even able to fulfill any of his wishes nor being able to provide happiness to him. She gets emotional while Haider feels bad for her. He also shares his pain regarding his father and says that he never got the love of a father and tells about his struggle in life.

Ahead, Haider apologises to Gazal and tells that he is sorry for his behavior. He proclaims that he doesn’t mean to be rude with her and states that he was battling through his insecurities. Haider also recalls the curse of Gazal and says that it’s going to get fulfilled soon. She also remembers about him getting rid of his precious things. He says that his most precious thing is his family.

Haider states that he won’t be able to see his family before his death, while Gazal replies that her curses or prayers doesn’t work.. Meanwhile, Dua argues with the police and says that she will die without her husband. She somehow convinces him and goes inside the warehouse in order to find Haider and Gazal. She shouts their name and prays to God in order to keep them safe. She becomes worried but stays determined to save them.

Further, Hina along with Dadi and others prays for Haider’s safety. Hina also worries about Gazal and starts praying for her while Dadi gets furious and proclaims that the latter can destroy their house. She reminds Hina about the warning of Pir Baba, while the latter gets worried. She recalls the past and states that she can’t let any injustice happen to Gazal anymore. But, she also worries about the consequences. Meanwhile, Dua keep trying to find Haider and Gazal.

The episode ends.