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The episode starts with Dua admitting Mannat in the hospital. The doctor says to them that Mannat isn’t well. They want to take her blood test. Subhan gets emotional seeing her state. Dua is crying thinking about Mannat. Ibadat tries to talk with Subhan but he ignored her. Dua shares her grief with them. She prays the god to save Mannat. She is her everything. Ravi assures her that nothing will happen to her. She asks him to save her. She didn’t opened her eyes yet. Ravi consoles her. Dua worries about Mannat. Subhan hugs her to console her. The doctor is giving a treatment to Mannat. Dua is praying for Mannat. She recalls the way Kaynaat badmouthed on Ibadat. She thinks that she was confused. If she didn’t raise her daughters well then punish her. Nothing should happen to Mannat. Later, The doctor says to Dua that Mannat is alright. If she take Drugs. Few people hears it. They started badmouthing on Mannat there. They blames Dua’s upbringing. Dua feels heartbroken hearing it. Ibadat fumes hearing it.

Ibadat argues with them. She says that Mannat won’t take drugs. Someone gave the drugs to her. The doctor says that he doesn’t want to hurt her. He found Drugs in her blood. He assures them that she will get her consciousness asap. Ibadat meets Mannat. She shares her grief with her. She is about to touch her. Subhan demands her to stay away from her. He says that he shouldn’t touch her. He doesn’t want to hear her name along with Mannat. He never thought that she was a selfish person. He says that he shouldn’t have supported her. He lied to Dua for her. But she isn’t deserving his concern. Why did she lied to Dua. She went to meet Farhaan in the night and created this problems. Mannat came behind her to save her. She ended up in this state because of her. He doesn’t want to talk with a selfish person. He asks her to leave. Subhan caressed Mannat’s head. Ibadat feels heartbroken. She thinks that she is ready to take any blame on her to save Mannat’s reputation and her relationship with Subhan. Subhan says to her that he never thought that she was a selfish person. He accepted her as his friend but she ruined everything. He thought her as his friend but he was wrong.

Subhan lashes out at Ibadat. He asks her to leave from there. She leaves from there in tears. Armaan informs Gulnaaz everything. He complained that all his efforts went in a vain. She says that she will inform everyone about it. Gulnaaz says that she has to inform everyone about it. Armaan says that Mannat is his love. He can’t insult her. Gulnaaz says that he might ruin her respect or else he won’t get Mannat. Our intentions is not only marry her but also snatch their rights. Ibadat recalls Subhan’s hate for her. She shares her grief with Haider. She thinks that no one is there to share her grief with them. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz wakes everyone in home. She informs them that Mannat and Ibadat are not in home. Dua, Subhan is not there too. She said to them that she will call Armaan. She puts the phone in a speaker. Armaan says to them that Mannat is unconscious. He admitted her in the hospital . Kaynaat asks him what happened? Armaan says to her that Mannat and Ibadat left the house at night. Ravi says to Ibadat that she don’t feel lonely. He is there for her. She is his daughter. Ibadat hugs him and cries. Ravi says that he can understand that she is worrying about Mannat. He is aware that Ibadat isn’t wrong. He is trusting her. She asks him if he really thinking that she isn’t wrong. He says that evidence is against her but he is aware that she is not wrong. She took the blame on others on her head this time too. Ibadat stays silent there. He asks her to say the truth to save them.

Episode end